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The chicken cutter machine can cut chicken, duck, goose, fish, various frozen meat, and fresh meat into blocks, simulating the state of manual meat cutting, and will not produce minced meat. It is clean and hygienic, simple to operate, and suitable for food processing Used in factories, large canteens, slaughterhouses, individual processing, supermarkets, restaurants and other places.

Generally, during the freezing process of meat, the temperature is very low and may reach -18°C. If such raw materials are cut directly, it will definitely damage the blade, then we can defrost it slightly, and wait until the temperature reaches the range of 0°C—-7°C. During the processing and production process, the meat slicer will not be damaged, and the meat will not deteriorate.

The chicken breast slicer machine can process meat into slices , Meat Cutting Machinery for Meat Strips process meat into strips .The raw materials can be chicken breast, beef, pork, etc. Meat slicer machine can process a wide range of meats, which is suitable for most boneless meats. The meat slicer machine uses a flat cutting process during processing to accurately grasp the size and thickness.

The fish smoked by the commercial fish smoking machine obtains good color and taste, and it also has the effect of extending the fish shelf life. In Nigeria, where fisheries are abundant, fish smokers have broad market prospects.


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