The frozen meat cutting machine can directly cut frozen meat pieces, which is an indispensable equipment in the processing of meat products. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, and the blade is made of high quality alloy with good cutting effect. There is no need to thaw during the production process, and it can directly cut all kinds of frozen meat from -18°C to -12°C . This machine reduces the freezing and thawing time and avoids  the loss of nutrients during the meat re-lowering process, and reduces the users’ cost. The frozen meat cutting machine makes the meat  free from secondary pollution and loss, ensuring the deliciousness ,  nutrients and taste.

Features of Meat Cutter Machine

The frozen meat cutting machine draws on the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad and combines with the actual processing technology of China to develop and produce. It has stable performance, small input, and high production efficiency.

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Advantages of Frozen meat cutting machine

1. The raw meat from -18℃ to -12℃ can be cut directly, eliminating the intermediate tempering link, shortening the processing time, and improving the product quality and production rate.

2. The cutter uses high-quality alloy steel material processing and anti-corrosion treatment, the service life is longer and longer

3. The main components are made of 304 stainless steel, which is not easy to rust and meets the national food requirements.

4. Easy operation and maintenance.

5. The size can adjust according to the customer’s requirement.

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Frozen meat slicer Instructions

1. Do not put a knife or hand into the barrel when the machine is running

2. Cut off the power supply during maintenance

3. Do not rush water into the electrical parts when cleaning

4. In case of failure, do not disassemble by yourself and report to repair immediately