An egg washing machine is a machine used to remove dirt and mud on the surface of eggs. Machine cleaning can achieve the standard of cleaning eggs. Egg washers can not only clean eggs, but also clean duck eggs, goose eggs, and other poultry eggs. The machine is mainly divided into two parts, egg washing and egg drying, and light inspection. We can also provide egg grading weighing equipment and coding machines. Egg cleaning equipment is suitable for farms, egg wholesale markets, and large supermarkets.

Egg washing machine brush
Egg Washing Machine Brush

Why use an egg washing machine?

Because eggs are produced through the animal’s cloaca, many gut microbes are attached to the surface of the egg, and in a typical environment, they can be infected with a large number of disease-causing bacteria. The experiments showed that 10% of the eggs used in the experiment had Salmonella on the surface, while 64% had Escherichia coli on the surface. Due to the large number of stomata distributed on the surface of the egg, these microorganisms and pathogens enter the inside of the egg through the stomata and multiply in large numbers. The quality of eggs is not only severely affected, but also poses a threat to the health of the eater.

The dangers of direct sales of dirty eggs

Dirty eggs
Dirty Eggs

1. Affect sales. Many eggs are not cleaned and sold directly, the surface is dirty, and many consumers are reluctant to buy such eggs.

2. Short storage time. Dirty eggs are not clean, and there will be a large number of microorganisms on the surface. During the storage period, the inside of the eggs is continuously carried out, resulting in a continuous increase in the number of bad eggs. Eggs are washed to increase their shelf life.

3. Dirty eggs are easy to spread disease. Eggs are directly excluded from the reproductive organs of chickens. The surface of eggs is generally prone to feces, blood spots, etc., which can easily pollute the environment and spread diseases.

How to use the egg cleaning machine?

Use egg washing machine
Use The Egg Washing Machine

The Egg washer is a fully automatic machine. There is a large water tank at the entrance of the eggs, and the eggs can be directly poured into the water tank. Through the buoyancy of the water, the collision between the eggs can be avoided. The eggs fall on the conveyor belt and are transported to the eggs through the conveyor belt. The brush cleaning part of the cleaning equipment, after cleaning, air-dry, and then perform optical inspection, which requires manual inspection.

Components of egg cleaning machine

Egg cleaning machine
Egg Cleaning Machine

The egg consists of a water tank, an egg roller, a cleaning brush, and a conveyor belt. The material of the water tank is 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. The brush of the machine is a specially designed wear-resistant material curved wire. Through many experiments, we found a material that can have a certain hardness without damaging the surface of the egg. This brush has a good cleaning ability. The conveyor belt is food-grade PVC material. The Egg washer is overall safe and reliable.

Can soft-skin eggs use an egg washer?

Egg washing machine brush
Egg Washing Machine Brush

There are many factors for the formation of soft-shell duck eggs. If the female duck is frightened, the lack of calcium, D3, and other elements in the feed may also cause large areas of soft-shell eggs. So can this softshell egg be washed with an egg washer? Generally speaking, soft-shell eggs are soft, but the calcium in them is indeed, and there is still some toughness. However, when using the duck egg washing machine, it is still necessary to reduce the power to prevent the duck eggs from breaking.

Softshell duck eggs are best cleaned by hand if the shell is very thin. Because the duck egg washing machine uses the hardness of the duck egg itself to use the brush roller for cleaning, if the eggshell is too soft, it is likely to be punctured by the hard bristles on the brush roller.

Soft-skin eggs
Soft-Skin Eggs

Different models of egg washing machine

  • Model 1: single row egg washer

The single-row egg washing machine is a machine with small output, with an average of 6,000 pieces per hour. The egg washing machine can complete the automatic egg-laying function, saving labor. The egg-laying rubber wheel is made of POM material. The product of this material is hygienic, safe, and quality guaranteed, and it is very wear-resistant.

Single row egg washing machine visit factory
Single-Row Egg Washing Machine Visit Factory

Single row egg washing equipment parameters

Appearance: 6000*1200*1500 mm

Efficiency: 5000-7000 pieces/hour

Voltage: 380V

Total power: 6.6kw

  • Model 2:Double row egg cleaning machine

Compared with the single-row egg washing machine, the output of the double-row egg washing machine is doubled, but the principle and structure of the egg cleaner machine are the same so that the machine model can be selected according to the output that needs to be processed every day.

Double row egg washing machine factory test machine
Double Row Egg Washing Machine Factory Test Machine

Double-row egg washing machine parameters

Appearance: 6800*1600*1500 mm

Efficiency: 10000-14000 pieces/hour

Voltage: 380V

Total power: 12.5kw

Advantages of egg washing equipment

1. With automatic cleaning, one person laying eggs, high production efficiency;

2. Solid structure, stable performance, no egg jam, no egg drop, long service life;

3. Using a stainless steel wire brush, the egg washing machine can automatically drive and clean;

4. Spraying and cleaning in the box, clean and free of damage;

Egg washer machine video

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