The industrial sausage stuffer machine is used for sausage enema. It is the most important step in the sausage manufacturing step. The sausage meat enters the casing through the sausage stuffer to form sausages with regular shapes and sizes. According to different ways of enema, the sausage stuffing machine is divided into two categories. Hydraulic enema machine and pneumatic quantitative sausage stuffer machine. The two machines’ applicable materials and working principles are very different.

Hydraulic sausage stuffer machine

The Hydraulic sausage stuffing machine is suitable for enema of fine granular, coarse granular or meat emulsion materials. It produces different kinds of sausages by filling meat pellets into animal casings through different diameters enema tubes.

Hydraulic sausage filling machine working principle

The Hydraulic sausage enema machine adopts piston hydraulic drive. It squeezes the meat from the machine hopper through the working pressure generated by the hydraulic cylinder. The machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, and can be used to fill meat-shaped sausages or fill-shaped sausages. The automatic sausage stuffer machine is suitable for filling large, medium and small specifications sausages.

According to the different output and specifications, there are small hydraulic sausage stuffers, single-tube, and double-tube hydraulic sausage stuffers.

Small hydraulic sausage stuffing machine

Small hydraulic stuffer machine
Small Hydraulic Stuffer Machine

The small hydraulic sausage filler machin’s capacity is 100kg/h,its filling diameter range can be 16/18/22mm。It is suitable for individual merchants and small meat processing plant. The machine adopts a changeover switch and a foot switch to control the enema operation, making the operation safer. Its large-capacity barrel increases the output of enema. And the machine can move freely, is portable and convenient, and can enema anytime and anywhere.

Single and double tube hydraulic sausage stuffer machine

The single meat stuffing machine’s capacity is 300kg/h, double tube filling machine has 500kg/h capacity.

Hydraulic enema machine
Hydraulic Enema Machine

The two machines filling diameter range can be 12/18/30mm. The differences between the two industrial enema machine are the number of pipes for discharging meat. The machine upper part equips with a hopper and a butterfly valve, which can realize continuous filling. It greatly improves production efficiency. Compared with the small meat stuffing machine, this machine has a high degree of automation and a fast discharging speed, which can realize continuous production. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of enterprises.

Pneumatic quantitative twist enema machine

Pneumatic quantitative sausage stuffing machine
Pneumatic Quantitative Sausage Stuffing Machine

The pneumatic quantitative twisting stuffer machine is suitable for filling mashed meat. The machine can realize automatic kinking while realizing quantitative filling. It makes up for the deficiency of quantitative enema kink in the past that could not be completed at once. The machine can be quantified between 30-1000g, the error does not exceed 3g. It can achieve 60 kinks per minute, and the diameter of the enema is 10/12/14/17mm.

Advantages of pneumatic quantitative filling machine

  1. It adopts an advanced pneumatic, photoelectric control principle, which can realize automatic quantitative filling and kink, with a high degree of automation.
  2. The meat filler machine is suitable for filling various mashed sausage products.
  3. The parts in contact with the material and the outer packaging both adopt the food-grade stainless steel with a beautiful appearance.
  4. It can match with the wire binding machine to realize automatic production.
  5. The machine has a stable structure, simple operation, and easy cleaning. It is suitable for medium and small meat processing enterprises.


  1. The industrial sausage stuffer machine is suitable for the mashed meat filling.
  2. In order to meet the requirements of filling weight, it can realize by the advancing distance of the cylinder.
  3. You can control the stop time and working time of the twister by controlling the time of the cylinder piston advancing and retreating.
  4. Before the meat filling enters the hopper, it should be exposed to air as little as possible to prevent producing holes. Therefore, you can use a vacuum meat stuffing machine instead of a common mixing machine.
  5. The casings’ diameter should match with enema tube diameters, the pressure of the meat filling, the number of twisting circles.
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