The bone-crushing machine is a type of bone processing machine, which is also called an animal bone crusher machine. This machine is widely used in crushing hard bones such as beef bones, pig bones, and sheep bones. Its crushing range is 5-80mm. The bone-breaking machine is suitable for processing materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, pet feed, and other industries. It has the characteristics of uniform size of broken particles, high output, and wide application range.

Bone crushing machine application

The animal bone crushing machine is not only suitable for crushing hard animal bones, fish bones, and frozen meat such as fresh beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, etc. It is also suitable for crushing hard and difficult materials in traditional Chinese medicine, such as animal skins, roots, and bulk materials. The crushed raw materials can be used to make sausages, fish balls, bone soup, bone meal, pet food, and other products.

Bone crushing machine application
Bone Crushing Machine Application

How does the bone break machine work?

Bone crushier machine
Bone Crusher Machine

A bone-crushing machine is a claw-crushing machine. The bone crusher machine is mainly composed of a hopper, crushing chamber, discharge hopper, motor, and other components. The main component of the bone crusher is the blade in the crushing chamber. Its blade consists of a rotating blade and a fixed blade. The material enters the crushing chamber from the hopper, and the rotating blade rotates at high speed together with the fixed blade to crush the material. The crushed qualified materials flow out through the screen. The particles that do not meet the discharge size remain on the screen to be crushed again. The size of the discharged particles depends on the pore size of the screen. We support custom screens with different aperture sizes.

Bone-crushing machine models

Bone crushier machine size
Bone Crusher Machine Size
ModelCapacity ( kg/h )Crush size( mm )Power( kW )Size( mm )Weight (kg )
PG-23030-100250 × 2104950 ×600 × 1200 280
PG-30080-200300 × 2105.51000 × 700 × 1300320
PG-400150-400380 × 2507.51080 × 850 × 1400420
PG-500200-600500 × 250111200 × 1000 × 1500600
PG-600300-900600 × 320151650 × 1200 × 1700800
PG-800800-2200800 × 650222400 × 1500 × 24002000
PG-10001000-40001000 × 800372400 × 1800 × 2500 2360

How to install the animal bone processing machine

1. Before turning it on, first adjust the inertia wheel by hand to check whether there are any impurities in the feeding hopper and crushing chamber.

2. Turning on the machine and idle the machine to check whether the direction of the cutter is accurate. If a reversal occurs, change the wiring sequence of the three power supplies.

3. After the cutter rotates in the correct direction, make sure the feed port is closed tightly after 3 minutes after turning on the power. Then you can put them into animal bones to crush.

4. It is forbidden to put iron or other hard materials into the bone-crushing machine.

5. When using the machine, if it happens to have an abnormal sound, you should stop working immediately for an inspection. Restart production after troubleshooting.

Precautions for using the bone crusher machine

1. Before using the bone-breaking machine, first open the top cover of the machine to check the distance between the movable knife and the fixed knife. The best clearance between the movable knife and the fixed knife is 0.2mm—0.3mm. (There is an adjusting bolt at the moving knife)

2. Then, check whether the bolts at the bottom of the screen are loose. If there is no looseness, put down the upper cover and tighten the bolts.

3. The fixed blade and the rotating blade should be on the same level.

4. Turn the belt pulley by hand before starting the machine, and turn on the machine without friction and collision sound during the rotation.

Bone crusher machine
Bone Crusher Machine

Animal bone crushing machine features

Bone processing machine details
Bone Processing Machine Details
  • The bone crusher has a variety of output specifications, and the specifications of the broken bone particles can be adjusted. Its broken particles range from 5-80mm.
  • The crushed material particles of the machine are uniform in size.
  • Its blade adopts an optimized design, which can disperse the force of the tool and improve the cutting efficiency.
  • The knife is heat-treated with special alloy steel so that the knife can be sharpened many times after it is blunt. Therefore, the crusher machine’s blades can be used repeatedly for a long time. This greatly reduces the input cost of production users.
  • The bone processing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to operate, safe, and efficient. And the machine equips with a safety control system, which can effectively protect the safety of the operator.
  • The machine’s feeding hopper adopts sound insulation treatment, which greatly reduces the noise. Its motor equips with an overload protection device, when the load current is too large, it can automatically cut off the power to protect the safety of users.

After the bones are broken by a bone crusher, it needs a bone paste grinder machine grinds the bone powder into a bone paste. The finished bone mud can be used as an additive for sausages, fish balls, and other products. And it also can be used as a raw material for pet food.

Bone paste making machine
Bone Processing Machine

Video of bone crushing machine

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