The automatic meat smoking machine has the functions of cooking, drying, smoking, cleaning, and safety protection. The unique air circulation system of the smoking oven effectively ensures the consistency of temperature and humidity during the baking, cooking, drying, smoking, and other processes of the product, thereby ensuring the color and appearance of the product. This meat smoking machine applies to smoking fish, chicken, sausage, and other meats.

Industrial meat smoking machine overview

Application: The meat smoking machine is mainly used to smoke, color, and taste various types of meat. It can be applied to various sausages, fish, chicken, cheese, and other products.

Heating method: electric heating, steam heating

Smoke method: inner smoke, external smoke

Smoke method: cold smoke, hot smoke, the warm smoke

Composition structure: The machine mainly includes a furnace body, heating system, circulating air system, and electric control system.

Function: The machine has the functions of heating, drying, smoking, exhausting, etc.

Smoking machine
Smoking Machine

Automatic meat smoking oven working principle

The meat smoking oven is controlled by a computer. It has multi parameters to show on the interface screen at the same time to monitor the operating status. It can realize remote control. And there are print recipes, temperature, humidity curves, and store 100 recipe processes within the machine.

Commercial meat smoking machine technical

TZ30800 * 800 * 160030kg4.75kw330kg
TZ501000 * 1000 * 185050kg6.5kw400kg
TZ1001380 * 1340 * 1950100kg12.5kw750kg
TZ2501350 * 1510 * 3000250kg5.5kw1900kg
TZ5002400 * 1510 * 3000500kg10kw2800kg
meat smoking machine

Smoking food
Smoking Food

Industrial meat smoking machine advantages

  • It does not contain 3, 4-benzopyrene carcinogens, so it makes the smoked food safe and reliable;
  • Reduce the investment of traditional methods in the plant, equipment, and other aspects;
  • The meat smoking oven can realize mechanization, electrification, continuous production operations, and greatly improve production efficiency;
  • The price of the meat smoker machine is cost-effective.
  • Its production technology is simple, easy to operate, has a short smoking time, and low labor intensity does not pollute the environment. And smoked meat has characteristics of anti-corrosion, fresh-keeping, and quality preservation.

Structure description

Smoking machine details
Smoking Machine Details

The machine is composed of a furnace body, electric heating system, circulating air system, smoke system, and electric control system.

1. Furnace body: all components in the furnace body and the outer wall is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant.

2. Electric heating system: it is composed of cooking and drying. The drying part: turns on the electric heating, the hot gas exchanges heat through the heat exchanger in the furnace, and the products in the furnace are baked. Cooking part: it is entered by the external steam system and directly heats the products in the furnace.

3. Circulating air system: the top of the furnace is equipped with an electric fan. High power and large air volume ensure the temperature rise in the furnace, make the temperature uniform everywhere, and ensure the quality of products is stable and reliable.

4. Smoke system: put the smoked wood pellets into the heating plate in the smokebox, and the smoke generated will be sent to the furnace to smoke the products through the smoke pipe.

5. Electrical control system: adopt advanced human-machine interface and programmable controller, fully automatic control and monitoring of each process, reliable operation and easy operation, good waterproof performance.

How to smoke sausage with a sausage smoker?

Using the meat smoking machine to smoke sausages mainly experiences the preparation work and formal production. The preparation work before starting up plays a vital role in the smoke of the whole sausage.


  1. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts of the machine are loose and abnormal. After confirming that the parts are not loose and abnormal, it can start the preparation work.
  2. Put the wood into the smoking chamber of the smoker to ignite, and ensure that the smoke passes through the smoker
  3. Add clean water to the cleaning system of the smoker, start a cleaning program, and the cleaning pump will start working.
  4. After cleaning all the inside of the smoker box, it can put the sausage in the smoker box for smoking.
Smoking machine shipping
Smoking Machine Shipping

Production and processing

The smoker uses an intelligent control panel to operate the various steps of the machine. Therefore, customers can set the time and stage of smoking according to the characteristics of the raw materials for smoking. Enter the time, temperature, and other indicators on the control panel and the machine will run automatically. After completing all set smoking programs, the machine will automatically shut down.

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