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Meat Smoking Oven


Meat Smoking Oven has the function of  cooking, drying, smoking, cleaning and security protection. Unique air circulation system of the Meat Smoking Oven effectively ensure the consistency of the product`s temperature and humidity in baking, cooking, drying, smoking and other processes , which can ensuring the product’s  color and appearance.

Working principle:

For this Meat Smoking Oven,controlled by computer , human-machine interface screen is displayed simultaneously on one screen with a variety of parameters in order to monitor the operating status;it enables remote control, print recipe, temperature, humidity curve;and it can store 100 formulation processes.


Model Dimension Capacity Power Weight
TZ30 800*800*1600 30kg 4.75kw 330kg
TZ50 1000*1000*1850 50kg 6.5kw 400kg
TZ100 1380*1340*1950 100kg 12.5kw 750kg
TZ250 1350*1510*3000 250kg 5.5kw 1900kg
TZ500 2400*1510*3000 500kg 10kw 2800kg



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