The automatic burger meat patty-making machine is a machine for forming hamburger patties. It can quickly form the patties, and their shape can be customized. For example, it can process star-shaped patties and chicken thigh-shaped patties. It can be realized by changing the machine mold. , Hamburg patty forming machine can process beef patties, chicken patties, fish patties, shrimp patties, potato pumpkin patties, and other ingredients, suitable for meat processing, restaurants, canteens, burgers shops, and other places.

Ingredients for burger meat patty-making machine

Beef patty pressing machine
burger meat patty-making machine

The raw materials are suitable for the molding machine: various types of meat, including chicken, beef, mutton, and pork; seafood products, fish, shrimp, squid, and salmon; it can also process vegetable cakes, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, green beans, red beans, broad beans, soybeans, for nutritional balance, it can also be mixed with meat, fish, and vegetables. The processed patties can be put into hamburgers.

How to use a burger meat patty-making machine?

Beef patty pressing machine
beef patty pressing machine

Before the burger meat patty-making machine works, first, install the required meat patty drum forming mold, then open the lid of the material barrel, install the meat pressing paddle in the material barrel, and add the prepared meat filling into the material barrel, Finally start the molding machine. After the molding machine is running, the meat-pressing blade in the material barrel rotates along with it and continuously presses the meat material down into the molding die. The mold is then cut off on the conveyor belt by the steel wire to form a working cycle of forming and outputting the meat patty.

Hamburg patty forming machine production equipment

Burger meat patty-making machine
burger meat patty maker

The automatic hamburger patty forming machine processes the minced meat into the designed shape and weight, which can be processed into triangle, rectangle, circle, heart-shaped and special-shaped products, and automatically completes the filling, forming, and output processes of the meat. A meat grinder can be placed in front of the molding machine to mince the meat, and then it can be put into the meat mixer, and the seasoning and other vegetables can be put in, and the machine can realize automatic mixing. It can be fried or quick-frozen, and after the processing is completed, it can also be vacuum-packed, and vacuum-packed can be used to extend the shelf life of food. In this way, using machines instead of labor can speed up the production process.

Why the beef patty pressing machine can produce different shapes of patties

Burger meat patty-making machines can produce round, triangle, square, heart-shaped, and star-shaped patties. Why can one machine create so many different shapes of patties? The reason is that the molds of the machine can be replaced by changing different molds, and the meatloaf forming machine can make meat patties of different shapes.

The parameters of the meatloaf-forming machine

Size: 850*600*1400mm

Weight: 100kg

Voltage: 380V 50hz three-phase electricity 220V voltage can be changed, three-phase must be required;

Power: 0.55kw

The advantage of the meatloaf forming machine

Burger meat patty processing machine
burger meat patty processing machine

1. The burger meat patty maker machine adopts a plc controller, which can allocate related functions by yourself

2. Stainless steel body, not easy to rust, can be used for a long time

3. The beef patty pressing machine has high efficiency, stable speed, and uniform shape and size of meat patties.

4. Customized patty mold, which can produce various shapes, beautiful and creative

Burger meat patty processing machine
burger meat patty processing machine

Video of burger meat patty-making machine

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