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fish fillet machine | fish slicing machine

The fish fillet machine imitates the principle of manual slicing and cuts the whole fish into a uniform thickness. It can cut whole fish into slices at once. Its slice angle can be 25°, 30°, 40, etc. The thickness of the sliced fish fillet can be 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm…  And the slicing angle and thickness of this equipment can be customized. The fish slicing machine can realize automatic oblique cutting of fish fillets and is suitable for fish slices of various species.

Slice effect display

fish fillet slicing effect
fish fillet slicing effect

Fish slicing machine parameter:



Cutting size: 2.3/2.5/3.0/4.0mm(customized)


Automatic fish fillet machine characteristics

fish slice cutting machine inlet
fish slice cutting machine inlet
  1. The fish slice cutting equipment can realize the slicing of herring, grass carp, carp, salmon, tilapia, and other fish;
  2. This whole fish slicing machine adopts stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards.
  3. The blade adopts imported materials, and the tray is made of stainless steel fish tray. The blade adopts special treatment, so the wind is durable, and it can achieve a good effect.
  4. It can cut a fish slice in various angles and sizes, and the cut and shaped fish fillets are of uniform thickness  The electric fish fillet machine
  5. It not only can cut fish fillets, but it is also suitable for cutting all kinds of meat and vegetables, cutting into sections
  6. The fish fillets cut by this machine are neat, and there will be no strands, no minced meat or minced meat
  7. The fish fillet cutting machine adopts the principle of double-group cutting, and the knife group cooperates closely and tightly. And it also equips with noise-reducing high-strength nylon gears.
  8. The fish fillet machine will not damage the fiber tissue of fresh fish.

Salmon fish slicing machine video

Slicing fish fillet steps

  1. You should clean and scale fish first.
  2. Cutting off the fish head.   
    If your output is small, you can use household knives for cutting. If you need to process large-volume fish heading, you need to use a commercial fish head cutting machine.
  3. Divide the fish into two parts by a fish cutting machine and remove out the fish bones.
  4. Place the fish meat on the fish feeding tray, and the tray will automatically feed the fish into the machine.
  5. After the fish enters the machine, the tray carrying the fish gradually rises. The cross-cutting blade moves continuously on the horizontal plane. As the fish meat rises, it gradually comes into contact with the cross-cutting blade. Therefore, the automatic fish fillet machine can cut the whole fish into even slices.
fish slices
fish slices

Precautions for using electric fish fillet machine

  1. When using the commercial fish slicer machine, you should strictly follow the instructions. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and install without permission.
  2. When working, please do not reach into the fish mouth and take the fish fillets to avoid accidents. The special tools carried by the machine should be used to insert and remove fillets.
  3. Please clean machine after using for each time.The fish slicing machine adopts all stainless steel,it can use water to wash directly.
  4. While using the machine safely and efficiently, pay attention to the maintenance of the fish fillet machine.
fish slicing machine
fish slicing machine

How to maintain a fish slicer machine

It is inevitably to use fish slicer machine frequently for restaurants, fish processing plants, and fish processing plants.In the case of long-term use, its blades will also suffer certain losses.And we also need to clean the machine regularly to avoid contamination by bacteria and dust.

Please notice that not over-maintain or neglect when maintain it. In order to make the fish fillet machine obtain a longer service life, we should carry out some maintenance on it. In this way, it can ensure the efficiency of the machine maximally.

Before using the machine each time, you need to inject lubricant oil into the oil filling hole next to the word “oil”.There are 5 oil filling holes, four on the top passport and one under the fish tray. When using this fish fillet machine, the machine should be cleaned regularly and oiled for maintenance.

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