A frozen meat slicer machine is equipment that can cut frozen meat into slices in a frozen state. It is a machine specially designed for meat slices. Can cut frozen pork head, fish, chicken breast, etc.

meat slicer machine

The function of the frozen meat slicer machine

In meat processing, it is necessary to crush frozen meat, but it is impossible to directly mince frozen meat into meat puree. It should be because too large frozen meat will damage the machine directly, but this meat planer is for machines handling frozen meat.

Features of the frozen meat slicer

Meat slicer machine

Simple control system

The machine has four keys, a start key, a stop key, an emergency stop key, and a power indicator light.

Easy to operate

After delivery, a specific operation manual will be sent, and technicians will help customers

Meat slicer machine
Frozen meat slicer

Easy to clean

The meat planer can be cleaned directly with water Made of stainless steel, not easy to rust

Easy to move

The bottom of the machine is installed and there are wheels

Meat cutting machine
Meat slicer machine

Strong knives

The knives can quickly cut frozen meat into meat flakes, and the output is smooth.

Frozen meat slicer machine parameters

Model BR-960
power( kW)4KW
Production capacity(kg)600-1200KG
Slice thickness (mm)5-10
supply voltage (v)380

The meat planer can be equipped with an elevator

Why does the frozen meat slicer machine for meat flakes need a hoist? Because the meat outlet of the frozen meat slicer machine is at the bottom, if equipped with a frozen meat slicer, the cut meat can be directly transported to the operating table, or the cut meat can be directly moved to the next machine for processing, reducing workload.

What equipment is there for meat processing?

Meat equipment
Meat Equipment

There is a lot of meat processing equipment, and generally speaking, the machines used for frozen meat and fresh meat are different, and different meats also have different machines. Choosing the right machine can make meat handling easier.

Frozen and fresh meat slicers

Whether you want to cut meat or grind meat, the machines for frozen meat and fresh meat are different, so when buying a machine, you need to pay special attention to whether the machine is processing frozen meat or fresh meat

Processing of different types of meat

The different types here refer to fish or pork, chicken or mutton. The main difference is whether the meat has bones or not. This is another key point when buying a meat machine.

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