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Fish drying is actually very common in the seafood market. Home-made dried fish can be dried directly in the sun, but you have to wait for good weather. This method is greatly affected by the weather. For factories, the requirements for factory-made fish High efficiency, you can’t wait for the sun to dry slowly. Therefore, industrial fish dryer are generally used to dry fresh fish. Dry fish dryers are industrial machinery and equipment used to dry dried fish.

Meatballs are loved in many countries, The invention of the meatball machine helped expand the sales market, and there are many recipes for meatballs. The ingredients they like to add are different in each region. Some regions like to put bread crumbles, onions, spices, or eggs. Pork or beef can also be added. The ingredients are different, but the method of preparation is the same.

What nutrition does chicken breast have?In order to preserve nutrition, cutting and cooking are important steps.We all know that eating chicken breast is healthy, especially for fitness people, but we don’t know enough about chicken breast. Chicken breast is rich in protein and is particularly easy to absorb. At the same time, chicken breast is also very suitable for people who lose fat, because chicken breast can increase satiety.

The chicken cutting machine has been welcomed in Malaysia. The chicken nugget machine is a machine that can cut the whole chicken into chunks. It can also cut pork and other meats. It can be used in restaurants, food factories, etc.The chicken cutting machine price in malaysia has also received widespread attention.

Generally, during the freezing process of meat, the temperature is very low and may reach -18°C. If such raw materials are cut directly, it will definitely damage the blade, then we can defrost it slightly, and wait until the temperature reaches the range of 0°C—-7°C. During the processing and production process, the meat slicer will not be damaged, and the meat will not deteriorate.


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