vacuum Tumbler Machine

Introduction of vacuum tumbler machine

1.It is free to set the working time of rolling and kneading, interval rolling and kneading time in vacuum state.

2.The control panel is controlled by waterproof touch screen.

3.The two ends of the roller adopt the structure of spinning cap, which makes the kneading space larger and more reasonable.

4.The blade adopts the circular arc unique design, which makes the marinade distribute more evenly, and does no harm to the surface of the product. The product appearance can be completely preserved, and the whole chicken or duck can be rolled and salted.

5.The vacuum tumbler machine is made of stainless steel with compact structure, low noise, high efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.

Working Principle

Under vacuum condition, by using the principle of physical impact, make meat turning up and down inside the cylinder, collisions, throw, to massage, curing effect, make uniform absorption pickled meat, elasticity and focus on improvement of the meat products,

Through the rolling massage, massage can make the body protein decomposition into water soluble protein, is easy to be absorbed by human body, at the same time can make the additive (starch, etc.) and body fusion proteins are integrated to achieve the meat tender, taste good, export rate is high.

This machine has the function of lung respiration, which can make the product expand and reduce the reciprocating movement in the roller, improve the structure of the meat tissue and improve the cutting effect.

Scope of application

Suitable for a variety of product requirements, such as poultry, fish, pork, beef and other meat pickling.

Parameters of vacuum tumbler machine

SL -300300L240kg1.5kw380v1760*1016*1650mm790kg
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