A chicken marinating machine is to use a vacuum environment to make meat marinate quickly to taste, seasoning in the drum is fully absorbed by the meat. Enhance the elasticity of the meat. Meat flavoring machine can process chicken, duck, fish, pork, mutton, kimchi, and other meat, improve the taste of meat, make the marinated and seasoned meat full of juice, and is widely used in the meat food processing industry, restaurants, canteens, meat stores.

Chicken marinationg machine
chicken marinating machine

Chicken marinating machine application

Meat flavoring
meat flavoring

A chicken marinating machine can be used for processing sausage, roast meat, kimchi, whole chicken marinade, and whole duck seasoning, applicable with most meat, the meat flavoring machine called processing greatly shortens the marinade time, and make the meat block fully absorb the brine so that the protein dissolved. This not only loosens the structure of the meat and achieves the tenderizing effect, but also improves the appearance of the meat and improves the production rate, saving labor costs, so the meat flavoring machine is widely used in the meat food processing industry, common sausage food companies, chicken processing industry, canteens, restaurants, and other places

Why use a chicken marinating machine

Chicken marinationg
chicken marinating

Traditional meat curing has a long curing time, low curing efficiency, low production rate, uneven color, and other shortcomings. the chicken marinating machine is the solution to this problem. Traditional meat marination requires manual massage, not only can not meet the health requirements and the marination time is particularly long, and the vacuum tumbler made of 304 stainless steel, can make meat products in a vacuum state, rapid tumbling, massage, marination, can improve the taste and yield of meat products. The meat flavoring machine can make the products more uniform in color by constantly rotating. The tumbling environment of the vacuum tumbler is a vacuum, which can stop the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, reduce the oxidation of food, and control the low temperature is also necessary.

Meat flavoring machine details

Meat flavoring machine

In an Independent control system, you can choose positive rotation, intermittent, deflating, and vacuuming according to the product

Equipment with sealing cover, built-in sealing ring, vacuum operation without water leakage

Meat flavoring machine
Chicken marinationg machine

The circular fan leaf can promote the uniform distribution of marinade and increase the water retention of the product

Stainless steel material is easy to clean.

Meat flavoring machine
Equipment SpecificationsPower(kW)DimensionsBody diameterBarrel lengthBarrel thickness
TZ-200L2.251450*800*1450900 deep 2406203mm
TZ-300L2.251760*1000*1500900 deep 2407503mm

Vacuum tumbler machine features

Chicken marinationg machine
Chicken Marinating Machine

1. It is free to set the working time of rolling and kneading, interval rolling, and kneading time in a vacuum state.

2. The control panel is controlled by a waterproof touch screen.

3. The two ends of the roller adopt the structure of a spinning cap, which makes the kneading space larger and more reasonable.

4. The blade adopts the circular arc unique design, which makes the marinade distribute more evenly, and does no harm to the surface of the product. The product’s appearance can be completely preserved, and the whole chicken or duck can be rolled and salted.

5. The vacuum tumbler machine is made of stainless steel with a compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, and remarkable energy-saving effect.

Chicken marinating machine Working Principle

1. 2
chicken marinating machine

Under vacuum conditions, by using the principle of physical impact, make meat turn up and down inside the cylinder, collisions, throw, massage, curing effect, make uniform absorption pickled meat, elasticity and focus on improvement of the meat products, Through the rolling massage, massage can make the body protein decomposition into water-soluble protein, is easy to be absorbed by the human body, at the same time can make the additive (starch, etc.) and body fusion proteins are integrated to achieve the meat tender, taste good, the export rate is high. This chicken marinating machine has the function of lung respiration, which can make the product expand and reduce the reciprocating movement in the roller, improve the structure of the meat tissue, and improve the cutting effect.

Parameters of vacuum tumbler machine

Chicken marinationg machine
chicken marinating machine

The chicken marinating machine has five models, the smallest output flavor 20kg, and the largest model of the machine is 800kg, the machine model is based on the output, is to better determine the chicken marinating machine output in the communication, in addition, the chicken marinating machine can also be customized.

How to use a chicken marinating machine

Meat flavoring machine
meat flavoring machine

1. Tumbler load: tumbler in the rotation, if the number of meat in the barrel is too much, the rotation will be greatly affected by the uneven mixing, if the amount of meat in the barrel is too little, it will lead to excessive tumbling, the resulting damage to the meat, and, increased consumption costs. We recommend a full barrel load of about 60%, tumbler up and down between 5%, depending on the density of the meat.

   2. Tumbling interval: in the tumbling production process, continuous tumbling is not necessary, and is tedious and laborious. It is usually recommended between 20 minutes of tumbling and 5-10 minutes of rest.

   3. Tumbling time: The total tumbling time is important for the uniformity and standardization of the product. Once a procedure has been adopted that produces a standardized product, this procedure or tumbling cycle should remain the same.

Video of a chicken marinating machine

chicken marinating machine

Which countries are the chicken marinating machine exported to?

This tumbler has been exported to Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, the UK, and other places. Widely used in the food processing industry. In 2023, due to the expansion of the factory, an Indonesian customer repurchased this tumbler many times. Taizy company has been engaged in the meat machine export industry for 12 years, chicken dicing machines, meatball machines, and meat dicing machines are all our hot-selling products.

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