Vegetable meat cutter and mixer can cut vegetables or meat into fine particles, which can be used for dicing vegetables and making meat into a puree. The meat bowl chopper has functions such as cutting, mixing, and stirring. Meat bowl choppers can act as helpers in the food processing process. Can be used in canteens, restaurants, sausage processing plants, hamburger patties processing plants.

Introduction of meat vegetable cutter mixer and grinder

Vegetable and meat cutter and mixer is a new design with turbine and worm gear drive, which make the structure more compact.The bowl of Vegetables and Meat Cutters and blenders, all materials are stainless steel, durable and beautiful in shape. The speed reducer of the meat slicer consists of high-quality aluminum alloy and Cooper-type worm gears with high quality.

It can not only finely chop meat, minced meat and other main ingredients, but also other ingredients;Water, ice, spices, and accessories (fillers) are mixed with meat foam to form a smooth milk.Especially by emulsifying treatment, the fine density and elasticity of intestinal products are greatly enhanced.High and low knife speed and stepless speed regulating wheel speed can be selected to make chopping and mixing, ground meat, mixing and emulsifying complete in one processing.

Vegetable meat cutter and mixer
Vegetable Meat Cutting Machine&Nbsp;

Application of vegetable meat cutter and mixer

Vegetable meat cutter and mixer can process meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seafood, especially in the processing of meat, which is very convenient. These foods can be cut into granules or puree. The thickness of the food processing is related to time, and it needs to be adjusted according to its own production. Can be used to make sausages, meatballs, patties, and vegetable dicers.Of course, you can also use a meat blender if you need to blend a lot of meat at once.

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Why use a meat bowl chopper?

First of all, the working efficiency of the vegetable meat cutter and mixer is high. The machine can complete the meat processing work in a few minutes, and the work efficiency is greatly improved after using the machine. Secondly, the structure of the meat bowel chopper is fine. The knife speed, pot speed, and the gap between the chopper and the pot can achieve the best combination so that the fineness of the chopped products is good, the temperature rise is small, and the chopping time is short, especially the fineness and elasticity of the sausage products. Enhanced to maximize the elasticity and fineness of meat products. In addition, the machine has many functions. The machine can not only cut meat but also put seasonings and other condiments in the order of food processing. The mincing process also completes the marinating step of the meat, saving time.

Specification of meat vegetable cutter and mixer

Processing capacity (kg/per time)10-1520-3040-5070-80100-140
Pot Volume(L)204080125200
File quantity33666
Speed of cut pot (r/min)16128/128/128/12/16
File speed(r/min )1650/33001800/3600126/1800/3600126/1800/3600200/1900*3800
Weight(KG)21548011001300 3800
Power supply380V380V380V380V380V

The above is the parameter table of the chopping machine. It can be seen from the table that the machine has five models. The model of the machine is numbered according to the volume of the pot. The smallest pot volume is 20L, and the largest volume is 200L. The size of the machine is different, the speed of the knife when cutting the meat is also different, and the large-scale machines have different gears to adjust.

Meat vegetable cutter and mixer
Meat Vegetable Cutter And Mixer

The working principle of the meat vegetable cutter mixer and grinder

Using the chopping action of the high-speed rotation of the chopping knife, the main raw materials such as meat, minced meat, and fat are finely chopped into meat filling or meat puree, and other raw materials such as water, borneol, and auxiliary materials are stirred together evenly.

Meat vegetable cutter mixer and grinder features

1. The frequency converter and frequency conversion motor are selected so that the cutting speed can be adjusted arbitrarily between 300-4500 rpm, the blade is sharp, and the high-speed operation is stable. The machine has low noise, high efficiency.

2. The chopper is made of imported materials and processed by craftsmanship, and the chopper is formed in one place by the machining center. It is made of all stainless steel and has an overflow-proof pot edge to prevent material seepage and overflow.

3. The chopping pot is two-speed, which can be matched with the chopping knife at any speed, the chopping and mixing time is short, and the temperature rise of the material is small.

4. Under high-speed operation, the operation is stable and noise-free, and the gap between the chopper and the chopper is less than 1.5mm to ensure the chopper effect.

6. Equipped with a discharger, the discharge is convenient and clean. The chopper can carry out deep processing of meat, fruits, and vegetables, seafood, and condiments. The high-speed rotation of the knife can shorten the running time, reduce the heat generation of the material, and maintain the color of the filling.

Meat vegetable cutter and mixer
Meat Vegetable Chopping And Mixer

The structure of the meat chopper

Meat vegetable cutter and mixer are composed of a chopper, a knife shaft, a frame, and an electric control system. The cutting pot is rotated by the motor at a low speed through the reducer and continuously feeds the knife group. The cutter shaft is driven by a two-speed motor (or variable frequency motor) to rotate at a high speed through the belt. While the raw materials are in a spiral motion in the chopping pot, they are stirred and chopped by the knife group to remove the air in the minced meat. Due to the high-speed chopping of the knife, the separation rate of the liquid and juice of the product is reduced, and the elasticity and fineness of the product are enhanced.

Vegetable meat cutter and mixer product use requirements

Meat vegetable cutter and mixer
Meat Cutter And Mixer

1. Keep the inside of the rotating pot clean, and it is strictly forbidden to place sundries. 

2. Cover the pot before starting the chopper. Otherwise, the chopper cannot operate normally. 

3. If there is a gamble plug during feeding, do not enter the rotating pot to press the material by hand, otherwise, it will be dangerous to encounter the rotating knife. If the pot turning motor is obviously overloaded, it is recommended to turn the pot at a low speed and reduce the knife speed. 

4. In order to avoid the phenomenon of meat jam in the rotating pot, do not add too much material at one time when feeding. During operation, water should be added appropriately. 

5. Pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof, especially the distribution box, do not wash with water under high pressure.

Video of meat vegetable cutter

meat vegetable cutter and mixer
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