The meatball machine is a machine that can make meatballs into a ball shape. The meatball machine can use a lot of raw materials. You can use various meats, Such as pork 、beef 、mutton 、fish seafood.   and you can also add some potatoes and other vegetables. In addition, The meatball machine simulates the principle of artificial meatballs. After making it, it has been deep-fried or steamed to make food.

Meatball making machine
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What are the raw materials for making meatballs?

The raw materials for making meatballs are very rich. They can be pork, beef, lamb, fish, etc as the main ingredients. You can also add some ingredients, such as adding breadcrumbs, onions, cheese, or butter. Because the raw materials that can be added are relatively free, the meatballs can be made according to local characteristics in each region.

Meatball machine use steps

Put the prepared meat slurry into the barrel of the meatball machine, and then turn on the machine. Then, The meatballs will automatically come out of the discharge port. When the meatballs come out, they can be directly connected to the pot for direct frying or boiling. In addition, It can be connected to the warm water tank for subsequent freezing, etc., which is convenient for later sales.

Two types of meatball machines

1. Sandwich meatballs

The sandwich meatball machine can make fillings and put them in the balls. The skin of the balls can be different from the fillings in the middle. This kind of meatballs has a richer taste. The machine works by two slots at the same time, so it can realize the filling.

Sandwich meatball making mahcine
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2.Solid Meatball Machine

The solid meatball machine has only one bucket. Of course, the whole meatballs made are a kind of raw material, so when you buy the machine, you can choose according to your own products.

Meatball machine parameters:



Voltage:220v/380v 50hz


Diameter less than 40mm

Can do beef meatball Capacity:500-600pcs/minute

Mold size:18+20+22+24+26 mm (machine contain 3 pcs mold)

Video show

meatball making

Advantages of Meatball Machine:

1. The balls have good elasticity and will not fall apart after a long time of boiling

2. The diameter of the balls can be adjusted

3. The speed of the balls coming out is adjustable

4. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is safer and more durable

5. The machine occupies a small space and can be flexibly placed

Meatball machine 9
Meatball Making Machine | Meatball Forming Machine 6

Precautions for making meatballs:

1. The machine should be placed in a stable place, and the power supply and ground wire should be installed to ensure safety.

2. Clean it before use, start the machine empty first, and observe the normal operation before it can work.

3. Place a large basin at the mouth of the meatballs, and then fill it with warm water, 60~70 degrees Celsius is suitable

4. The weight of the product is 8-25 grams/piece, the amount of filling, and the production speed can be automatically adjusted. The maximum output can reach 200-300kg/h, which is equivalent to the efficiency of 12 to 18 workers at the same time.

5. The automation structure is reasonable and can be operated by one or two persons.

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