The sausage production line contains a series of sausage making machines for sausage production. It includes a meat grinder, meat cutting machine, vacuum mixer, sausage stuffing machine, meat smoker, vacuum packaging machine, and other machines. These sausage processing machines have a stable structure and simple operation, it is the best machine for sausage production.

Brief introduction of sausage

Sausage is a very old food production and meat preservation technology. It formed by putting meat into the casings of pigs or sheep and then smoking. The smoked sausage has a bright red color and a rich taste. It is a very popular food.

Types of sausages

There are two common sausages on the market, one is mashed meat sausage and the other is meat particle sausage.

The main difference between the two types of sausages lies in the raw materials used to make them. The finished sausages are also different.

Mashed meat sausage
Mashed Meat Sausage
Pellets meat sausage
Pellets Meat Sausage

Sausages made with meat pellets are harder than sausages made with mashed meat. According to the different raw materials of the two kinds of sausages, the sausage making machines required for the two kinds of sausages is slightly different.

Sausage processing steps

Mashed sausage making machines
Mashed Sausage Making Machines

Mashed sausage processing steps: meat grinding, meat cutting, meat mixing, filling, smoking, and packaging.

Meat pellets sausage making machines
Meat Pellets Sausage Making Machines

Meat pellets sausage processing steps: meat grinding, meat mixing, filling, smoking, and packaging.

The production process of mashed sausages is roughly the same as that of pellet sausages, and mashed sausages have one more step of cutting and emulsifying meat than meat pellet sausages. The following is an example of a mashed sausage production line to introduce the sausage production process.

  • Raw material selection   The raw materials of sausage should be selected from qualified pork or beef.
  • Meat grinding   Put the frozen meat into the meat grinder, the meat grinder generally uses a 6-8mm orifice plate to make the thin strips.
  • Meat cutting   The meat cutting machine’s blades cuts the meat into a puree state at high speed.
  • Vacuum meat mixing   Put the chopped meat slurry and seasoning into the vacuum mixer and stir. In a vacuum environment, the seasoning will penetrate the meat as much as possible to ensure the quality of the meat.
  • Sausage filling    Lavage the inner wall of the selected dry casing with warm water at 30-35℃. After draining the water, use a vacuum sausage stuffer to pour the meat into the casing. When filling meat, make sure that the enema should be full, there is no air in the intestine, and the two ends should be tightly tied.
  • Sausage tying  In the sausage production line, a binding machine is used to bind the sausages into sections. Tie the string according to a specific length to ensure an even balance of the sausage.
  • Sausage smoking   The smoker has the functions of baking, steaming, and smoking. It can realize all steps of sausage smoking. The smoked sausage has a shiny body.
  • Vacuum packaging  Generally, choose a vacuum packaging machine to pack sausages. Therefore, it is convenient to transport and store.

Sausage making machine parameters

1Meat grinder machine  Meat grinding machine Capacity:500kg/h
2Meat cutting machine Meat cutting machineCapacity:40kg/time
3Meat mixer machine Vacuum meat mixer machineKink speed:100 times/min
Quantitative range: 20-500g
Voltage:220V / 50HZ
Work center height: 850mm
Overall size650*640*1430(mm)
4Sausage filling machine Sausage filling machineKink speed:100 times/min
Production :200-300kg/h
Quantitative range: 20-500g
Voltage:220V / 50HZ
Work center height: 850mm
Overall size650*640*1430(mm)
5Sausage smoked machine Sausage smoking machineCapacity:300-400kg/h
Drive power:2.75kw
Voltage:380v 50HZ
Overall Size:1400*670*1150mm 
6Vacuum packaging machine Sausage packaging machinePower of pump:2.25KW
Heat-sealing power:1.5KW

Advantages of the sausage production line

  1. The sausage processing plant has a large output, simple operation, and high investment efficiency.
  2. All the sausage processing machines are made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards.
  3. All sausage making machines in the production line are controlled by automatic touch screens, and the electrical components are imported products to ensure the durability of the machines.
  4. The final sausage product has good color and high quality.
  5. The cutting machine and enema machine are equipped with safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.
  6. The sausage production line has a continuous production capacity, fast discharging speed, and large production output. It is an ideal piece of equipment for sausage processing.
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