The egg grading machine classifies the eggs according to their weight. The egg sorting machine can classify the eggs into different grades and perform a light inspection on the eggs. Pick out some bad eggs. The eggs are divided into several different grades through the rapid weighing of the machine. After the machine is weighed, the price of eggs of different sizes is different, and the price of eggs will be higher through grading and packaging.

Different eggs
different eggs

Working principle of the egg grading machine

Grading by weight is the most common method. The egg sorting machine uses fast weighing to classify the eggs and distributes them into different baskets according to the different weights of the eggs. In addition, the light inspection is irradiated by LED lights, focusing on picking out eggs with cracks and cracks to avoid inferior eggs from entering the market.

Egg grading machine
egg grading machine

Structure composition of the egg sorting machine

The egg sucker is a part of the egg grading machine. The function of the egg sucker is to quickly put the eggs on the machine for the next light inspection. After the light inspection, you can pick out the broken eggs. The light inspection is the best One of the quick and efficient ways is to observe the eggshell, egg white and egg yolk, and embryo condition under the light. It is convenient to make a comprehensive evaluation of eggs. The light is LED, which is particularly energy-saving and has a long service life.

Video display of the machine

Video display of egg grading machine

Egg grading standard

This 5400pcs/h egg grader can classify eggs into five different grades. It is worth mentioning that the error range of the machine is±1g. Accurately grasp the classification standard. The egg grading machine is simple and easy to operate. It is a favorite machine of many farms and supermarkets. Be a high-end egg seller

Egg sorting machine
egg sorting machine

Parameters of chicken egg grader

Model: TZ-5400

Power: 867w

Voltage:220v,50hz,single phase


Net weight: 315kg


Grades:5 levels

Accuracy: ±1g

Material: 304 stainless steel

Egg grader working
egg grader working

Egg grading machine characteristic

a) the machine frame is made of stainless steel, beautiful and practical, suitable for grading hen eggs and duck eggs;

b) professional design, strengthening all spare parts, durability, ease of operation, accurate grading;

c) grading parts, smart convenience, suitable for all kinds of needs of the egg processing industry;

Upgraded egg grading machine

egg grading machine test video

The previous egg grader needs to be done manually when placing eggs, and the work efficiency is relatively low. After research and development, it is found that the egg can be placed on the egg grader using an egg suction device. It is worth noting that before using the egg suction device, eggs Need to be on the tray. In this way, the egg suction can accurately pick up the eggs on the tray. After adding this part of the function, the working efficiency of the egg grader has been improved.

Upgraded egg grading machine
Upgraded egg grading machine

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