The Fish scale remover machines also called a fish scaler machine . It is professionally designed and can be used to remove various species and sizes of fish scales. Taizy fish processing machine manufacturer provides three types of fish scale remover machines. One is an automatic scaling machine, and the other is a descaler machine specially used for small fish. And another is a fish scaling and gutting machine. These three commercial fish scaler machine can realize automatic operation. Moreover, they are suitable for the descaling of many species of fish. Also, we can customize the machine according to customer needs.

Fish scale remover machine video

Type 1:automatic fish scaling machine

Automatic fish descale machine
Automatic Fish Remover Scale Machine

The automatic fish scaling machine mainly removes fish scales by contacting the wool brush with the fish scales.It mainly composes of fish inlet, fish outlet, control panel, water inlet and other main structures.When working, first connect the water pipe to the water inlet. After the standby machine is filled with water, put the fish into the machine from the fish inlet. Then, close the lid and start the machine through the control panel. The brush inside the fish scale remover machine keeps rotating to remove fish scales. After removing fish scales, turn off the machine and open the fish outlet. The removed fish will discharge from the outlet.

Detailed parameters of the machine


Advantages of the machine

Fish scaling machine structure
Fish Scale Machine Structure
  1. The commercial fish scaling machine can achieve the effect of cleaning while removing scales. Its removal effect is obvious, and you will get the final cleaned fish.
  2. The fish cleaning machine’s rush adopts the woolen cloth. It has the characteristics of no hair loss, no hair loss, no breakage under high temperature.
  3. Its shell adopts all stainless steel, and it controls by a smart display. It has the characteristics of easy operation and high work efficiency
  4. The automatic fish removing machine has a timing function, which can set different times for removing fish scales according to different types of fish.
  5. The commercial fish scaler machine will not damage the fish body, it can realize the automatic separation of the fish body and fish scale. The removed scales can be automatically recovered.

Type 2:small fish scale machine

Small fish scale remover machine
Small Fish Scale Remover Machine

The fish scale machine is mainly driven by a motor to continuously rotate the machine. It is mainly composed of a five-sided sieve. When the scale is removed, the motor drives the sieve to keep rotating and the small fish in the net. Rotate with the sieve. When rotating, the fish in the net constantly collide with the sieve to achieve the effect of removing fish scales. The replaced fish scales are replaced from the sieve holes under the impact of water. Therefore, the use of this small scale machine can remove the fish scales and the fish can be completely descaled. And get clean fish.

Type 3: fish scaling and gutting machine

Unlike the previous two machines dedicated to removing fish scales, this fish scaling and gutting machine can remove fish scales and gutting at the same time.It can achieve the above two functions, but it can only apply to one fish at one time.Compera with the above fish scale remover machines,it has a small capacity for scaling fish.

Fish scaling and gutting machine
Fish Scaling And Gutting Machine

type3 machine introduction

The machine integrates the functions of removing scales, opening fish belly, removing internal organs and cleaning fish.It can process grass carp, carp, tilapia, sea bass and other fish.The control panel of fish scale remover machine can adjust the depth of the operation.The fish processed by this machine can remove clean fish scales without damaging fish skin and fins.While removing fish scales, it also can remove the viscera And the viscera is removed cleanly without damaging the fish bile.It is widely used in supermarkets, canteens, grilled fish shops, hot pot shops and other places, and it has high efficiency.

Two functional machines features

  1. The machine has powerful functions, it can realize the functions of removing scales, opening, removing internal organs, and cleaning. The effect of removing scales and internal organs is good, and will not damage the skin and fins.
  2. The whole fish scaler machine adopts stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards.
  3. It adopts intelligent control screen operation, which has the characteristics of simple operation, safe and reliable, and stable performance.
  4. It can process all kinds of fish, and we can customize the machine according to the needs of customers. 

machine parameters

ModelCapacity Size Applied fish rangeWeight Customized
TZ-2000400-500kg/h 1000x500x700mm 0.4-4kg140kgYes

Precautious of using fish scale machine

  1. It is strictly prohibited for Long-time idling.
  2. Regularly oil the gears, chains, and springs
  3. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the fish mouth when the machine is working
  4. The internal structure of the machine is complicated, please do not disassemble it privately.