Hydraulic Enema Machine

Brief Introduce

Hydraulic Enema Machine is a necessary sausage filling equipment. The Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer Machine is widely applicable to  a variety of intestinal filling systems,especially to the drier fillings and meat fillings . The machine upper part has a storage hopper and disc valve,continuously  flipping irrigation system, which improve the work efficiency.


1.It can make large, medium, small bowel products of various specifications.
2.This product has beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, convenient operation and safe and reliable operation.
3.Hydraulic Sausage Machine hopper, valve, enema tube and outer packaging are made of high quality stainless steel.
4.The material of cylinder can be chosen according to customers` requirements to meet higher food hygiene requirements.
5.Hydraulic Sausage Machine applies to sheep casings, hog casings, collagen casings, plastic casings.


1.Stainless steel make sausage machine
2.Fine design,high quality
4.Suitable all sausage

details of Hydraulic Enema Machine
details of Hydraulic Enema Machine

Technology parameters

Volume of barrel(L)30L50L
Total power(kw)1.51.5
Filling diameter(mm)12-4812-48
Over dimension(mm)1050*670*16801150*700*1760


  1. The main components are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel, which is reliable and durable, easily to clean and to meet food safety requirements.
  2. Advanced technology, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance. After adjusting the working pressure of the piston hydraulic transmission, the material in the cylinder is widened under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, especially the dry packing, which is more effective than other sausages.
  3. High degree of automation, saving time and effort.
  4. Special treatment of key components, durable wear, control parts are imported components.
  5. The appearance adopts advanced surface treatment  technology, beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient operation and convenient maintenance
  6. Equipped with safety guards, Hydraulic Sausage Machine is ideal for meat processing.
  7. The discharge speed is fast, the intestinal body is uniform, the meat-like intestine can be filled, and the intestine can be filled, which is flexible and convenient.Its easy to feed, high in efficiency, and good continuous production capacity.Hydraulic Sausage Machine is easy to clean, and is suitable for various production enterprises.
  8. The hydraulic sausage filling machine is more powerful than the pneumatic sausage filling machine, which can easily fill the meat sausage.

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