The sausage bingding wire machine is used for the quantitative and segmenting of intestinal products.

There are automatic and semi-automatic. Users can choose suitable equipment according to the uniformity of production and casing.

Introduction of the Sausage Binding Wire Machine

  1. The Sausage Binding Wire Machine is made of stainless steel. Its structure is compact,and  it is easy to use, practical and beautiful. It is an ideal equipment for sausages and intestines.
  2. The Sausage  Binding Wire Machine adopts advanced import servo motor and the new company-owned  man-machine interface control system, which have the advantages of high efficiency, easy control and saving production materials.
  3. The length and diameter of the product can be set according to the requirements of the customer.

Advantages of the Sausage Binding Wire Machine

1. The work intensity of workers is reduced. The operator only needs to put the filling intestine into the feeding port of the machine, and the machine will automatically complete the feeding and binding process of sausage.

2. Greatly improved the production efficiency of sausage, which can be set arbitrarily according to customer requirements.

3. It is clean and environmentally friendly because the equipment is mainly made of stainless steel which is  suitable for food.The sausage does not come into contact with other metals during the production process.

4. The machine is easy to operate. After setting the length and speed, the machine can complete all the work automatically and efficiently

Therefore, the sausages procedures are more in line with the increasingly strict hygiene requirements of people.


Technical Parameter of Sausage binding wire machine

OperationSemi automaticFull automatic
Suitable sausage diameter9~35mm9~30mm
Sausage body length30~300mmAdjustable

Protein casings are suitable for full automatic tying machine;Animal casing are more suitable for semi – automatic tying machine.

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