The frozen meat block breaker is a machine used to divide the whole piece of frozen meat and cut it into pieces. The machine processes froze boneless frozen meat. It is an indispensable tool in the process of meat food processing. It can be used for The pre-processing of the meat grinder. In the process of sausage processing and meatball processing, frozen meat crushers are used to process raw materials.

Why use a frozen meat block breaker?

The frozen meat crusher can ensure the freshness of the meat, avoid the loss of nutrients in the repeated thawing process, eliminate the defrosting link, and shorten the processing time of meat products. In addition, repeated freezing increases the burden on the freezer during meat processing. It can realize the close connection between the processes, realizing a complete industrial chain.

Effect description of frozen meat crusher

The frozen meat block breaker can cut frozen meat into slices in a process of ten seconds. The output of the machine is very large, which is suitable for some food processing plants. In addition, it is also essential equipment in the oil refining production process. The processed raw materials of the frozen meat crusher should be frozen meat at -4 ℃-18 ℃, which is directly broken into minced meat, which is the pre-processing of the chopper and the meat grinder.

Frozen meat block breaker
frozen meat block breaker

Comparison of frozen meat and fresh meat

Many people think that fresh meat is more nutritious than frozen meat. In fact, after observation and research, fresh meat is not more nutritious and delicious than frozen meat. On the contrary, if the fresh meat is not cooked or frozen in time, a large number of bacteria will multiply. And cold fresh meat is stored in time at -18°C. After thawing, it will not affect the taste but is healthier.

Structure and principle of frozen meat breaker

Frozen meat breaker
frozen meat breaker

The frozen meat block breaker uses steam pressure as the power. The frozen meat block is pushed forward by the cylinder, and the knife passes through the crusher at a uniform speed. The knife rotates at a high speed to break the meat. The whole frozen meat crusher uses welding. The craftsmanship achieves the anti-vibration effect, the machine performance is stable, and the failure rate is low.

Frozen meat block breaker parameters

Regular meat size: 78*510*180mm

Productivity: 3-5 tons/hour

Material: 304 stainless steel

Details of frozen meat block breaker
details of frozen meat crusher

The overall working efficiency of the frozen meat crusher is very high. The average output per hour is 4 tons. It is especially suitable for some large-scale food and meat processing plants. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is convenient for washing and guarantees a long service life.

Frozen meat slicer characteristics

The machine is processed quickly by the machine, the temperature of the meat is small, and the freshness of the meat is guaranteed

Strong crushing ability, complete frozen meat crushing work in a few seconds,3-5 tons per hour

The frozen meat crusher has low noise and stable operation

Frozen meat slicer
frozen meat slicer

Precautions for installation and debugging of frozen meat crusher

The frozen meat block breaker should be placed on flat and stable ground.

The meat shredder needs to be equipped with a receiving container for meat

Turn on the power of the knife holder moving up and down, slowly push the frozen meat out of the feed mouth, and observe the thickness of the meat slices.

Video of frozen meat block crusher

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