A meat planer is a machine for slicing frozen meat. The machine quickly slices the frozen meat to ensure that the temperature of the frozen meat does not change and the meat quality is fresher. So a meat planer is a perfect machine for slicing meat.

What are the benefits of cutting frozen meat directly?

The frozen meat slicer is capable of processing frozen meat at minus 18 degrees. It cuts meat into slices without thawing, which can save the process of thawing frozen meat. While improving work efficiency, it can also avoid water loss and reduce the loss of nutrients. Loss, to ensure the freshness of frozen meat.

How to cut meat slices of different thicknesses?

Cutting different thicknesses meat
Cutting Different Thicknesses Of Meat

There are many kinds of food processing techniques, and the thickness and size of meat slices have different requirements, so many customers need to cut meat slices of different thicknesses. This meat cutter can do it completely. The meat planer can adjust the thickness of meat slices. , very convenient.