The chicken cutting machine can cut chicken, duck, and fish into pieces. and not only can cut fresh meat but also frozen meat. simulating the state of manual meat cutting, and will not produce minced meat. It is clean and hygienic and simple to operate. Thus, it is suitable for use in food processing plants, and large canteens. Slaughterhouses, individual processing, supermarkets, restaurants, and other places also can use.

What can the chicken cutter machine cut

The chicken cutter machine is mainly suitable for cutting cartilage meat, such as whole chicken, duck, and fish. In addition various frozen meat or fresh meat. So the applicability of the chicken-cutting machine is very wide. It can be directly formed into blocks. While saving manpower, it is also cleaner and hygienic and has high work efficiency.

Chicken cutting machine
Chicken Cutting Machine

The structure of the chicken cubing machine

Chicken cutting machine details
Chicken Cutting Machine Details

The product is mainly composed of a mainframe, motor, conveyor belt, knives, etc. The material of the chicken cutting machine knife is 75cr1. Above all, this material is safe and wear-resistant. For instance, it can use a long time without rusting. There are two different types of belts of chicken cutters.

Chicken-cutting machine Chain conveyor belt

The food contact belt is a PE board, which is safe when in contact with food. In addition, the crawler is section by section, and the meat can separate at the discharge port to prevent adhesion.

Working display of chicken nugget machine

Chicken Cutting Machine

Chicken-cutting machine parameters

Capacity: 600-800kg/h  



Dimension: 1300*600*1050mm   

Weight: 240 kg

Advantages of the chicken cutter machine

The chicken cubing machine can put a whole chicken, a whole duck, or a whole goose directly on. This provides our processing factory with great convenience, saves processing costs, and saves time and effort. Can provide great help in the production and processing process.

Features of the chicken cubing machine

Chicken Cutting Machine For Sale | Chicken Cubing/Nugget Machine 5

When the machine cuts the raw materials, there is no loss of meat, no minced meat, and the cut surface is very smooth and tidy. It is convenient for direct sales after processing. In addition, the chicken cutting machine simulates manual cutting into sections, the quality is better than manual, and the cutting length can be adjusted, which is very convenient. The working speed of the chicken cutter machine is 60 times per minute, which has a high working efficiency.

The packaging of the chicken cutter machine

Chicken cutter machine
Chicken Cutter Machine

Chicken cutter machines are packed in wooden boxes during transportation, which is to protect the body from damage. Our company has very good export-related experience, and special personnel will follow up on the transportation process. In others, our company also has many other machines, such as strip cutting machines, meat rolling and cutting machines, and sausage machines. Welcome to contact us.

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