Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer


Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer is a new design with turbine and worm gear drive, which make the structure more compact.The bowl, bowl of Vegetables and Meat Cutters and blenders, all materials are stainless steel, durable and beautiful in shape. The speed reducer of the meat slicer consists of high-quality aluminum alloy and Cooper-type worm gears with high quality.

It can not only finely chop meat, minced meat and other main ingredients, but also other ingredients;Water, ice, spices, and accessories (fillers) are mixed with meat foam to form a smooth milk.Especially by emulsifying treatment, the fine density and elasticity of intestinal products are greatly enhanced.High and low knife speed and stepless speed regulating wheel speed can be selected to make chopping and mixing, ground meat, mixing and emulsifying complete in one processing.


Vegetable and Meat Cutter and Mixer is quickly to chop the food such as meat vegetable and the fruit to make the stuffing.And it is easy to control and clean with the power saving features.


Processing capacity (kg/per time)10-1520-3040-5070-80100-140
Pot Volume(L)204080125200
File quantity33666
Speed of cut pot (r/min)16128/128/128/12/16
File speed(r/min )1650/33001800/3600126/1800/3600126/1800/3600200/1900*3800
Weight(KG)21548011001300 3800
Power supply380V380V380V380V380V


1. Use high quality motor, make the cutter double speed, low noise, high efficiency, remarkable energy saving effect.

2. The chopper is made of material processed by special technology. The chopper is made of cast stainless steel and has overflow prevention edge to prevent seepage and overflow.The chopping pot has double speed, which can be matched with the chopping knife at any speed. The chopping time is short and the temperature rise of the material is small.

3. The electrical components adopt waterproof design, good sealing and convenient cleaning.

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