The vacuum packing machine can automatically draw out the air in the packing bag, and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. Can also be filled with nitrogen or other mixed gas, and then complete the sealing process. It is often used in the food industry, because after being vacuum-packed, food can resist oxidation, thus achieving long-term preservation

Application of vacuum packaging machine

Applicable to all kinds of a plastic and plastic composite film of all kinds of packaging, aluminum foil composite film for liquid, semiliquid, solid granular, powder, paste food, fruit, vegetables, rice, flowers, chemicals, precious medicinal materials, rare calligraphy, and painting, electronic components, and various moth-proofing, anti-corrosive, moistureproof, prevent mildew, anti-oxidation objects in vacuum packaging or vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging, prolong shelf life.

Vacuum packaging machine advantages

 1. A compressed vacuum packaging machine adopts a hot box fixed instant heating method to save energy.

2. The special electric heating arrangement, and uniform heat distribution.

3. Small body and small floor space.

4. Vacuum packaging machine suitable for small batch production and medium volume production, which can cooperate with the assembly-line operation and improve efficiency.

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Technical Parameter of Double chamber vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum chamber dimensions  
Packing ability160 times/h260 times/h360 times/h
Sealing dimensions400*10*2 mm500*10*2 mm600*10*2 mm
Dimensions  (mm)540*520*9201220*680*9001425*720*950 
Weight  (kg)80230320

Vacuum packaging machine selection principle

1. Packing speed. For the sake of improving production efficiency, we can choose the vacuum packing machine with two or more rooms to improve the whole production schedule.

2. Whether the packaged item needs to be filled with other protective gases. Optional multifunctional vacuum packing machine with inflation device.

3. Packing item needs to be well preserved under the condition of high vacuum degree, a cavity vacuum packing machine should be selected.

4. Requirements on vacuum packing machine for the composition state of the packaged goods.

Vacuum packaging machine
Vacuum Packing Machine

single chamber vacuum packaging machine

DZ-260 Desktop vacuum packing machine for sealing

Safety measures for Dual Chamber Vacuum Sealers

1. Keep the environment clean and tidy, and avoid excessive humidity.

2. Do not use this product inflammable, explosive, and other harsh environments.

3. The three-phase four-wire system machine shall be equipped with the same type socket consistent with the power supply of the machine, and shall meet the requirements of the three-phase four-wire system power supply; Single-phase machine should be equipped with a three-pole power socket, and ensure that the machine is reliably grounded.

4. when repairing the machine to avoid electric shock, please unplug the power plug.

5. Keep the vacuum chamber in the best clean state and wipe the inside of the machine regularly. The oil of the vacuum pump can only be added to two-thirds of the oil window of the vacuum pump.

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