The commercial fish killing machine is a new type of machine developed to satisfy fast fish killing and open back. It has the functions of cleaning, killing fish, removing internal organs, and even removing fish scales. According to the different styles of fish belly splitting machines, there are two types of fish belly-splitting machines. In our company, we have a specialized fish scale remover machine for sale.

They are both suitable for open-back work for various types and sizes of fish. It has a fast splitting speed and a good cutting effect. Therefore, the fish butterfly-cutting machine is widely satisfied in fish processing in restaurants, hotels, aquatic shops, and other catering industries.

How to use the fish killing machine?

Operation video of fish killing machine

The fish killing machine is a machine that processes fish before deep processing. The raw material of the machine is a variety of unprocessed fish. The operation steps are very simple. First, you only need to turn on the machine, and then put the fish into the entrance of the machine. After a few seconds, the fish will come out of the fish outlet.

At this time, the fish has opened its back, the scales are removed, and the internal organs are removed. The machine itself has a cleaning system that can be simply cleaned when removing the scales. Finally, after using the machine, turn off the switch.

Advantages of fish killer

  1. It can process fish in a semi-thawed or thawed state to maintain its freshness; the blade can be adjusted according to the type of fish to ensure a high yield.
  2. Simple operation, convenient cleaning, safe and reliable, and stable performance.
  3. Powerful functions, directly realize the open belly/open back process, high production efficiency, and large output.
  4. The effect of opening the belly/opening the back is good, it is cleaned, and there is no damage to the fish’s body.
  5. The size can be customized according to customer needs.
  6. Wide applicability, all fish on the market can be processed
  7. The machine can be equipped with rollers for easy movement.
Fish-killing machine
fish killing machine

Parameters of the fish gutting machine

ModelDimensions (mm)Output(h)Motor power (KW)Opening motor (kW)
TZ-3001000*540*950100-120 tail1.50.25

This fish killing machine model TZ-300 can process 120 fish per hour. This is suitable for most fish processing places.

The structure of the fish killing machine

From the fish inlet, the fish outlet, the frame body, the main motor, the opening motor, the reducer, the chain, and the transmission assembly group

The electric control box assembly Main motor switch, power indicator light, opening switch, and plc panel can control the length of the opening and the depth of viscera.

Electric vertical fish scaling and belly splitting machine

Fish scaling and belly splitting machine
fish scaling and belly-splitting machine

This kind of fish belly cutting machine is a kind of automatic fish butterfly cutting machine. It can meet the open-back work of Qingjiang fish, grass carp, tilapia, and other fishes. And it also has the functions of removing fish scales, cleaning, and internal organs. It has a simple operation. However, it needs to manually place the fish in the feeding port of the fish-cutting machine. Then, the machine will automatically remove the scales and open the back.

Why do we need to buy a fish killing machine?

The speed of manually processed fish is slow and the amount of processing is limited. And sometimes the handling of fish scales and internal organs is not satisfactory. This is bound to affect the production efficiency of fish processing enterprises. Therefore, most fish processing companies now use automated fish killing machines to replace manual labor.

Types of fish
Types of fish

The automatic fish back-cutting machine can meet functions such as fish scale removal, fish-killing, fish opening, and cleaning. It can meet multiple needs with this one machine, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces costs.

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