The commercial fish skinning machine is an electric machine specially designed to remove fish skin. This machine applies after the fish scale removal machine, fish head, and tail removal, and the fish belly splitting machine. The fish skin peeling machine can realize automatic peeling. It has a large production output, high peeling efficiency, and high yield.

Video of a fish skinning machine

fish skinning machine

Features of squid fish skinner machine

  1. The fish skinner machine adopts stainless steel, the core part is specially heat-treated, and the blade is sharp and durable
  2. It is easy to operate and maintain and has a long service life
  3. The electric fish skin peeling machine has a large production output, high production efficiency, and a good peeling effect
  4. The machine’s blade can be adjusted, so it widely applies to peeling various kinds of fish.

Fish skinning machine parameters

  • Power: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Weight: 120KG
  • Size: 620*630*900MM
  • Processing speed: 40-80pcs/min
  • Capacity: 2000-2500KG/H

Feed fish thickness within 3cm, feed fish width within 40cm.

Commercial fish skinner machine application

The fish skinner machine is widely applied for peeling fish skins of cod, catfish, salmon, plaice, and other fish. The machine is widely used for peeling squid skins. It is suitable for fishery companies, food processing plants, and catering industry companies.

How to use the machine to remove fish skin?

The automatic salmon fish skinning machine is easy to operate. You only need to place the fish in the feeding port and the machine will automatically finish the skinning work. Before using this machine to peel, you should use a fish processing machine to process the fish into segments.

If your raw material is the whole fish, you need to use a fish processing machine to process it. It involves the scale removal machine, fish belly cutting machine, fish head, and tail cutting machine. Through the above steps, you will get a piece of fish. Then put the skin side down for peeling.

Precautions when using the fish skin peeling machine

  1. When using this fish skinning machine to remove fish skin, it should be done in the presence of water to ensure the efficiency of peeling. Connect the water pipe to the water valve of the machine. Then, turn on the power to determine whether the water supply is normal. And make sure to turn on the water supply switch of the machine when peeling.
  2. After using it for some time, open the blade cover to confirm the wear status of the blade. If you need to replace the blade, open the blade cover, and replace it directly.
  3. If you need to adjust the blade up and down, use a wrench to unscrew the nut on the left and right of the knife holder to adjust the distance between the blade and the drum. Note that the distance between the blade and the drum should be adapted, too large or too small will directly affect the peeling effect.
  4. After using the fish peeling machine each time, please clean the machine with clean water. If you do not use the machine for a long time, please place the machine in a dry and ventilated place.
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