Vacuum Stuffing Machine

vacuum stuffing machine

Brief Introduction

Vacuum stuffing machine is a necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency and easy to operate. It is the first choice for making air-dried intestinal products, granular and muddy mixed intestinal products and pellet products, as well as the optional equipment for producing dumplings and wontons.

Features of Vcuum Stuffing Machine

The material is placed under negative pressure by a vacuum device.Make the logistics fully expanded, no bubbles, good elasticity, bright color.And maximum protein extraction, is the ideal equipment to improve product quality.

Advantages of Vacuum Stuffing Machine

1. Adopt parallel biaxial structure to make all kinds of materials stir more evenly

2. Use double speed and double power, choose different rotating speed and operation mode according to the type and process of the mixed stuffing.

3. All vacuum sealing devices adopt high quality seals conforming to health standards.

4. In the vacuum state, the filling is evenly stirred, fully expanded, with good elasticity and bright color.

5. The sealing of top cover and discharge door is made of high quality silica gel strip, which is easy to operate, reliable and durable.

6. The machine adopts high quality stainless steel, easy to clean and beautiful.In line with the national health standards.

Technical Parameter of Vacuum Stuffing Machine


Installation and debugging of vacuum stuffing machine

1. Place the machine in the working position smoothly.

2. Check whether there is any foreign body in the hopper and clean it up if necessary.

3. Power on. If the power light is on, the installation is correct.

4. Press the stir button to check whether the direction of rotation of the agitator is correct.

5. Check whether the driving mechanism of the filling mixer operates normally, and whether there is obvious shaking and abnormal sound

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