This is one of our more important customers, who are currently purchasing meat processing machines in batches. Because the customer is a food processing factory, they often consult some meat processing machines. We have cooperated once before.

What problems did you encounter during the cooperation?

The order started in the first half of 2022, but due to the epidemic and various other reasons, the freight has been very unstable. Just like the American customers said, our machines and prices are very attractive, but the freight has reduced the cost performance. It can be seen that, In the process of foreign trade cooperation, there are many influencing factors.

Customer introduction of American meat processing machine

The customer of the American processing factory is starting the sausage production business, which is why we know it. The customer saw our website. Currently, the sausage production business is still in the loan stage, and the factory is also under construction. After completion, the sausage production equipment will be purchased. So we will always keep in touch.
In July 2021, it rained heavily in our city. The power outage caused the power outage. After the customer learned about it, he sent a message to express his concern. This American customer has a better understanding of the situation in China.

Which equipment has been purchased by the customers of the meat processing plant in the United States?

The equipment purchased by the customer this time is two bone-cutting machines and three meat patty-forming machines. The patties that can be made by the patty-forming machine are different. American customers buy round, oval, and star shapes.

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