The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine can extract oxygen from the packaging bag to form a vacuum state. Thereby extending the shelf life of food. An automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine is suitable for packaging meat products, grains, medicines, etc. Industrial Chamber vacuum sealer can prevent the food from becoming moldy, while maintaining the original flavor of the food, ensuring that the moisture of the food will not be lost.

Operation steps of single chamber vacuum packaging machine

Automatic vacuum sealing machine

Automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

The vacuum packaging machine is mainly composed of a vacuum system, a gas-pumping and sealing system, a heat-pressing sealing system, and an electrical control system. But the operation process of the single-chamber vacuum machine is very simple.

1. Turn on the power supply: flip the power selection switch as needed, that is, the power indicator light is on. The power selection switch points to vacuum for vacuum sealing, and for vacuum charging is for vacuum filling and sealing.

2. Put the packaging bag with the contents in the vacuum chamber, the bag mouth is neat

3. Press down the cover, and the exhaust (vacuum) indicator light on the panel is on. The vacuum pump starts to pump air, and the cover is automatically sucked in. The vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum level according to the packaging requirements. When adjusting, the visual scale is from low to high with a small amplitude.

4. When the pumping reaches the set time, that is, the required vacuum, the pumping ends.

5. When the pumping is completed, the indicator light will go out, and the heat sealing indicator light will be on, and the inflation action will begin;

6. When adjusting the parameters, the rotation range should be small to prevent the heat sealing temperature from suddenly increasing and burning the heat sealing accessories.

7. When the heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light goes out to indicate the end of heat sealing, and the vacuum chamber is automatically connected to the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover is automatically lifted, and the vacuum packaging process is all over, ready for the next packaging cycle .

Product of industrial chamber vacuum sealer

product of Industrial Chamber vacuum sealer

Work display

Vacuum Packing Machine Work Display

Feature of Industrial Chamber vacuum sealer

1. The vacuum packaging machine uses fully transparent plexiglass, and the packaging situation can be clearly observed during the operation.

The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine can complete several steps such as vacuuming, sealing, and printing at one time

2. The body is small and easy to move

3. The heating temperature is controllable during sealing and can be adjusted according to the specific situation at any time

Vacuum packaging machine parameters

power supply220V/110V220V/110V220V/110V
Vacuum pump power900W900W1800W
Sealing power600W750W1200W
Lowest absolute pressure
Sealing position2 (sealing strip)2 (sealing strip)2 (sealing strip)
Vacuum chamber size43042075mm53052075mm650620100mm
Sealing size400*10mm500*10mm600*10mm
Net weight80KG100KG150KG
Machine size540*500*950mm580*630*1000mm750*710*1000mm
Vacuum packaging machine parameters

About the packaging bag

Many customers always report that the vacuum bag is broken when using the food vacuum packaging machine to pack. Ask our technicians why this is? In fact, to put it bluntly, the thickness of the vacuum bag we use cannot be reached, because the vacuum is relatively large, so if the bag does not reach the thickness when we are vacuuming, it will cause damage, so for packaging materials, Our requirements still have to be met, so as to ensure the normal vacuuming work.

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