The industrial fish drying machine uses natural air circulation to dry the fish. It can use electricity, gas, air energy heat pump, biological particles, etc. as the heating source. And this stainless steel tray fish dryer machine adopts an intelligent PLC display screen to control different stages of drying fish. This kind of intermittent drying method makes the water in the fish tissue diffuse to the surface and evaporate. The industrial fish dehydrator machine is conducive to the uniform drying of the fish’s internal force and surface.

Why use automatic fish drying equipment to dry fish

The sun exposure method is a common method for drying materials, and it is also the method with the lowest drying cost. But the polarization method has an obvious disadvantage, that is, it is easily affected by weather conditions. When the weather is bad, the materials cannot be dried continuously, and many materials will deteriorate due to this. The automatic fish drying machine makes up for the defects of the sun drying method and improves the convenience of drying. It is no longer subject to the influence of weather conditions. We can dry raw materials at any time according to the production requirements.

Hot air fish drying machine
Hot Air Fish Drying Machine

And the use of automated machinery can achieve the drying of large quantities of materials, which greatly shortens the drying time. Moreover, it can not adopt the continuous drying method when drying the fish. Continuous drying will cause the phenomenon that the surface has been dried but the inside is still not dried. The sun-drying often results in high water content in the fish and causes corruption. The intelligent industrialized fish dryer can achieve staged drying, and the whole process controls by automation.

Hot air tray fish drying machine structure

A complete commercial fish dehydrator machine must have a heat source, air supply device, main drying box, and auxiliary control device.

Fish drying machine composition
Fish Drying Machine Composition

Heat source:   The heat source is a device that generates heat. According to the actual situation, you can choose electric heating, coal heating, liquefied gas heating, biomass heating, etc.;

Air supply device:   The hot air generated by the air supply device can be blown into the drying main unit through the blower of the air supply device. It can achieve the function of heating the main machine and helping the main machine complete the air circulation.

Main drying box:    The main drying box is a cabin where holds fish for drying. Depending on the space and shape of the cabin, the fish dehydrator machine has box type, mesh belt type, and drum-type dryers.

Auxiliary control system:  This system is the most important system that controls the operation of the entire fish drying machine. It can control the drying machine to complete time control, temperature control, and humidity control. Common control systems include an electric control box and PLC control.

The whole fish drying process with the commercial fish drying machine

The whole fish drying process mainly includes raw material processing, washing, pickling, salt removal, drying, packaging, and other processes.

Raw material processing

Before drying the fish, the raw fish needs to be processed to some extent. It mainly deals with fish scales, opening the back, removing internal organs, etc. Commercially, these steps can be realized by machines such as specialized de-scaler, fish belly cutting machine, etc. This step is mainly to pave the way for the marinated fish. Marinating requires cutting the back of the fish and cutting the head together.

Cleaning fish

After using the above machines to process the fish, some blood and mucus will inevitably adhere to the surface of the fish. Before proceeding to the next step and drying, be sure to clean the blood. Otherwise, dirty blood will affect the color and luster of the final product. You can use a water pipe to wash or with commercial washing machines.

Marinated fish

In order to ensure the flavor after drying with the fish drying machine, the fish needs to be salted after washing and air drying. This step allows the salt to penetrate into the fish body through salt immersion, and to dehydrate the fish body at the same time. This makes the fish have a suitable salty taste and achieves the purpose of extending the shelf life.

When salting, it is necessary to adopt different methods and appropriate salt amounts according to the fish type, size, and variety. Generally speaking, the salt amount accounts for 10%-20% of the fish weight, and the saltwater concentration for immersion is 5%-15%. At the same time, the marinating time and temperature should also be adjusted according to the specific situation.

Salt removal

After marinating, rinse the excess salt on the surface of the fish with clean water. It can prevent high salt content on the surface of the fish to result in discoloration and deterioration.

Drying fish

When drying, it can choose suitable drying methods according to weather conditions and drying requirements, such as sunlight and mechanical drying methods. As a meat processing machinery manufacturer, we recommend that you use an automatic fish drying machine. It can control the required drying time and temperature according to each stage of drying the fish. And the circulating fan can ensure that the hot air touches all aspects of the fish to ensure uniform drying. In addition, the industrial fish dryer machine can dry large quantities of fish.


According to the different packaging forms, it can choose different forms of packaging machines for packaging. We can choose the matching packaging machine according to customer needs. Industrial packaging machines can realize vacuum packaging, bag packaging, bottle packaging, and other forms.

Video of fish drying machine

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