This New Zealand customer needs an egg grader. The New Zealand customer has a chicken farm and needs to grade eggs by weight. Finally ordered our company’s 5400pcs/h egg grading machine and inkjet printer.

Egg grader model selection

The output of the egg grading machine is divided into two types, one is 4000pcs/h, and the other is 5400pcs/h. The New Zealand customer purchased a large-capacity grading machine according to his output requirements. In addition, the customer learned about our egg inkjet printer and purchased this machine; the egg inkjet printer can print its own company code or company name.

What problems have been solved for egg grading machine customers?

  1. Solve the transportation problem. Customers need our help to contact the freight company for transportation. The nearest port to customers is the Port of Auckland.
  2. Solve the voltage problem. The company’s machines support changing the voltage; the customer’s specific requirements are 50hz, 1-phase power
  3. Coding problem. The customer has a need for egg coding. The egg inkjet printer can set the specific content, and the customer chooses the inkjet content to be red.
  4. Egg grading machine customization. The New Zealand egg grader customer wanted to put the transport system for the eggs on the left side of the egg grader. Factory supports this special customization.
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