Desktop vacuum packing machine is a machine that can vacuum materials. The desktop vacuum packaging machine can be applied to both dry and wet products, for solid, liquid, powder, and paste foods, grains, fruits, preserved fruits, and chemicals. Electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. for vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging is very common in life, this method is also simple and practical, and is loved by many manufacturers. In addition, we also have many types of vacuum packaging machines to choose.

How to use desktop vacuum packing machine

The use of vacuum packaging is very simple. First of all, you need to put the things to be packaged into the packaging bag, place the opening on the machine’s seal, and then turn on the switch, the machine will start working, and the machine will complete after extracting the air from the packaging bag. The predetermined vacuum degree, and finally the machine completes the sealing process.

The role of vacuum packaging

Product of vacuum packing
Product Of Vacuum Packing

The main function of vacuum packaging is to extend the shelf life of food and prevent mold and deterioration. The main function of vacuum packaging is to remove the oxygen in the packaging bag so that the food is exposed to oxygen as little as possible, and the oxidation rate of the food is reduced. The other aspect is to prevent the growth of bacteria. There are many bacteria in the air. If a suitable growth environment is provided, the bacteria will multiply in a short period of time. Accelerate the spoilage of food. Due to the good airtightness of vacuum packaging, it can prevent the food from losing moisture to a certain extent and maintain the original flavor of the food when it is first produced. Therefore, vacuum packaging has become an essential part of life.

Vacuum packing machine
Vacuum Packing Machine

Parameters of the desktop packaging machine

power supply220V /110V  50/60HZ
Vacuum pump power370W
Sealing power200 mm
Lowest absolute pressure1Kpa
Sealing position1Piece(Sealing strip)
Vacuum chamber size340*300*50mm
Sealing size260*8mm
Machine size480*330*360mm
Desktop vacuum packing machine

Advantages of Desktop vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packaging machine details
Vacuum Packaging Machine Details

1. This series of vacuum packaging machines can vacuum, seal, print, and cool at one time. This product is suitable for vacuum packaging of food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, and other products to prevent oxidation and mildew of the product. Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, quality and freshness, extend the storage period of products.

2. The desktop vacuum packaging machine has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, short pumping time, etc., which is suitable for the packaging of small items.

3. The system has the advantages of accurate control, strong anti-interference ability, and good stability. All settings are directly set on the panel without adjusting other components.

4. The desktop vacuum packaging machine has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, short pumping time, etc., which is suitable for packaging small items.

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