The egg processing production line is a machine for the pre-treatment of eggs. It mainly includes egg cleaning, drying, inspection, sterilization, oil spraying, and grading steps. The egg processing production line is fully automatic processing equipment. It is suitable for breeding plants, egg processing plants, and food production plants.

Egg processing line for washing and grading
Egg Processing Line For Washing And Grading

The process of egg processing line

The production process of the egg production line is an egg-laying→egg cleaning→drying→light inspection→sterilization→oil injection→classification machine, the egg processing production line can be used for cleaning, sterilization, and grading of eggs. The cleaning of eggs can meet the processing standards of some large supermarkets. The eggs processed through the egg production line have no dirt and gloss on the surface, and the size will be divided into grades.

The egg washing machine of egg processing line

The egg washing machine can remove the dirt from the eggs, and the eggs can be automatically loaded. It can handle eggs such as brine eggs, mud eggs, or duck eggs. When cleaning eggs, you first need to pour the whole box of eggs into the sink. Then the eggs are sent back to the cleaning roller by the conveyor belt. After the eggs are cleaned by the brush, the eggs will be transported out from the discharge end.

Egg washing machine
Egg Washing Machine

Egg dryer

After the eggs are cleaned, a large amount of moisture will adhere to the surface, and a fan will be used to remove the moisture from the eggs. After cleaning and drying, the surface of the eggs is no longer dirty.

Egg light inspection

Light inspection is to remove some bad eggs or cracked eggs from the eggs. But the picking of eggs is done manually.

Egg light inspection
Egg Light Inspection

Sterilization of eggs

Egg sterilization is ultraviolet sterilization. There will be a lot of salmonella on the surface of the egg, and the surface may also contain other parasites. Ultraviolet sterilization can effectively reduce the bacteria on the surface of the egg.

Egg oils spraying machine

Egg processing production line
Egg Cleaning Machine

Spraying the surface of the egg will make the egg more smooth and beautiful. The egg spray surface is sprayed with food-grade mineral oil. It not only makes the eggs look more beautiful but also preserves the freshness of the eggs.

Egg grading machine of egg processing production line

Egg grading can divide eggs into different grades according to their weight. Generally, they can be divided into 4, 5, or 7 grades. The principle of egg grading is based on the different weights of eggs. The graded eggs can be packaged and sold according to different grades.

Egg processing production line
Egg Processing Production Line

Video of the egg cleaning machine

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