Different models of meat blending mixer machines for sale

A meat blending mixer machine is the equipment used to fully mix food, and a food mixer is also called a stuffing machine. It can be used for stirring and mixing in the production of minced meat, sauces, and sausages. This machine has different models. We have exported to Brazil, South Africa, Turkey Kenya, and other countries.

Features of a food blender

The blending mixed by the food mixer is more elastic and delicious and has a richer taste after stirring. The added juice and condiments can be fully integrated into the meat stuffing. The most important thing is that large-scale production of food requires machines. work to increase productivity.

Meat stuffing mixer machine
Meat Stuffing Mixer Machine

Different models of meat mixer machines

Meat stuffing mixer machine
Meat Stuffing Mixer Machine
ModelSize (mm)Weight (kg)Power (kW)Output
TZ 501000*360*1050180330kg/time
TZ 1001000*730*11002804.470kg/time
TZ 1501300*730*12003004.4100kg/time
TZ 2001700*730*13003404.4150kg/time
TZ 3502100*730*14503806250kg/time
meat blending mixer machines

There are five different models of meat blenders. The smallest model is TZ-50, 30kg/time, which is more suitable for small restaurants and can be placed in the kitchen. The machine is small and does not take up space. The largest model is TZ-350, 250kg/time, Can be used in meat processing plants, such as meatball processing, hamburger processing, sausage processing, etc.

Meat blending mixer machines’ advantage

Meat stuffing mixer machine
Meat Stuffing Mixer Machine
  1. High efficiency and fast mixing speed
  2. Automatic discharge, lower labor intensity
  3. The spiral tooth arrangement makes the material mix evenly, and the single charge is more
  4. The three-layer sealing protection makes the equipment have a long service life and is more convenient to clean.
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