The automatic fish head cutting machine (fishtail cutter) can easily cut off the head and tail of the whole fish. The commercial fish head and tail cutter machine can freely adjust the cutting position according to the size of the fish. It also can control the size of the cut fish head and tail according to the customer’s cutting requirements, and the cut is flat. The machine is widely applied in aquatic product processing plants, fish processing companies, and large-scale catering industries.

Why need to remove fish head and fish tail?

Due to the demand for cooking, many customers will buy packaged and cut fish from fish markets, supermarkets, etc. This fish has gone through a fish processing factory to remove its head and tail.

Fish without fish head and tail
Fish Without Fish Head And Tail

It reduces the end customer’s procedures for handling fish. The end customer only needs to simply process the head and tail fish to make dishes. And for places like restaurants that need to process large quantities of fish, it improves production efficiency. Therefore, this automatic fish head cutting machine can increase the efficiency of making dishes and reduce manual use.

How to operate the fish tail cutter machine

The automatic fish head tail cutting machine is mainly used for cutting large and medium-sized fish. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of fish. Before cutting fish, you can use the fish scale removal machine to remove fish scales. When cutting, just turn on the machine and place the fish on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will automatically transport the fish to the cutting position for cutting. Moreover, customers can adjust the size of the fish head and tail after cutting according to their cutting needs.

Automatic fish head cutting machine
Automatic Fish Head Cutting Machine

Commercial fish head cutting machine features:

  1. The commercial fish head cutter machine can realize continuous work. It only needs to place the fish on the conveyor belt to cut. The machine can cut 2500kg of fish per day.
  2. The fish cutting machine adopts a flat body design, which makes the cutting stable and the cut fish section is flat;
  3. The whole machine adopts food-grade stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  4. It equips with a saw band pressing device, the saw band presses the fish body tightly when cutting, the fish will not move left and right;
  5. The automatic fish head and tail cutter machine have excellent waterproof performance, easy to clean, safe, and sanitary.
Electric fish tail cutting machine
Electric Fish Tail Cutting Machine

Video of fish head cutting machine

fish head cutting machine
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