The kebab Skewer Machine is a kind of machine that helps to pierce the skewers. Through mechanized production, the efficiency of skewers is improved. The skewers can not only process the skewers but also process seafood and some vegetables. Satisfy the diverse needs of barbecue shops and solve practical problems. For example, in some barbecue shops, if they produce and processed meat skewers by themselves, they need to skewer a lot of ingredients before opening, which takes a lot of time and also requires a lot of staff. , Enough to buy a machine to help with production and processing, this machine is suitable for barbecue shops, meat skewers processors, large restaurants, and other places.

Meat Stringing machine parameters

Housing materialstainless steel and food-grade PE plasticPower efficiency1.5-2.0 seconds
Use powerpneumatic pressure stringingSpeed1800-2000 strings/hour
Control partmicrocomputer controlDimensions1000*1000*350mm
Machine weight30KGType 30 length250-350mm
Motor power60W35 type signature length300-350mm
Power supply voltage220v40 type signature length350-400mm
Leakage protectionYesTag diameter3.0-3.5mm
Meat Stringing machine parameters

Different kinds of kebab Skewer Machine

We conducted market research and found that there are different types of stringing machines on the market. There are small machines that require manual stringing, and there are also larger machines that can be continuously produced. Our stringing machine is considered a semi-automatic stringing machine. Machine, moderate output, especially suitable for meat skewer processing in some restaurants.

The difference with a small stringing machine

Small model stringing machines may provide some assistance when stringing, but because the machine is relatively small, the help that can be provided is limited. This machine can be more powerful and can complete stringing tasks more efficiently. You need to prepare the raw materials, as well as the bamboo skewers or wooden skewers for the meat skewers, and place the meat in the mold, and then the machine will automatically insert the bamboo skewers into the meat to form the meat skewers.

lmprove production efficiency

Kebab skewer machine
Kebab Skewer Machine

The machine is very fast in skewering, which not only has a relatively large improvement in production efficiency but also helps to ensure the freshness of the ingredients. Because the meat is prevented from being too long at room temperature, especially in some tropical countries, it will cause the meat to deteriorate, so the efficiency of the skewers is very important. The machine can reach 1800-2000 strings/hour, which is several times that of manual labor.

Advantages of the kebab Skewer Machine

Kebab skewer machine
Kebab Skewer Machine

1. During the stringing process, the machine will quickly insert the bamboo skewers into the meat, and the accuracy can reach 1.5-2.0 seconds per string.

2. It will not damage the shape and appearance of the meat, which is beneficial to the sales of skewers and avoids the squeezing of the skewers caused by artificial skewers.

3. The mold can be customized according to the size of the meat skewers, and the mold of the meat skewers is made of PE material, which is safe and hygienic.

4. It can be signed automatically, and the meat can be automatically inserted.

5. The produced products are uniform in size, clean and hygienic, beautiful, and taste good

6. The machine is compact and beautiful, easy to move, and small in area.

Meat stringing machine
Meat Stringing Machine

Related machines

There are different types of stringing machines. This stringing machine is a medium-output machine, and there is also an Automatic BBQ Meat Skewer Machine that can be continuously produced. The production volume during the production process can be higher. You can compare it according to the production when you buy it.

video of kebab Skewer Machine

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