The egg grader machine was sold to Bolivia. The egg grading machine can divide the eggs into different grades according to the weight of the eggs, which is convenient for subsequent sales and packaging.

Output selection of egg grader machine

The customer needs to process 10,000 eggs per hour. Our machine output has two models: 4800 and 5400. We suggest customers buy two egg graders, so as to meet the demand for output, and this combination can have higher production efficiency. After comparing the prices of other machines, the customer finally chose our egg grading machine.

Egg elevator

One of the more important tools for egg grading is the hoist, which can transfer the eggs on the tray directly to the egg grader machine, which will reduce the collision of eggs. In addition, production efficiency can be improved. The Bolivian customer included this machine in the purchase list after understanding.

Shuliy provides excellent service to customers

The customer also purchased other egg equipment in China, and the delivery time is still 10 days, so we need to prepare the machine for the customer with more efficient work efficiency so that the customer can put the machine in a container at the same time, which will save some shipping costs.

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