Barbecue is very delicious, and it is also a very good choice for outdoor activities. Barbecue is delicious, but it is very difficult to string meat on skewers, so many people choose to buy barbecue skewers that have already been dressed, especially some meat skewers are very difficult. Popular, Shuliy has a very good meat skewer that can process BBQ skewers. And after its launch, it has been well received, and a lot of this barbecue skewer machine can be exported every month. The following introduces the details of the purchase of this meat skewer by American customers.

Barbecue skewer
Barbecue Skewer

United States meat skewer customer introduction

After communicating with the American barbecue skewer, he learned that the customer wanted to use this machine to skewer chicken and pork. He said that these two types of skewers are best sold locally. Chicken and pork are very suitable for skewers. of. We first need to know the size of the customer’s meat, the number of each skewer, etc. The customer can choose the size of the meat cut according to the machine. Of course, our machine can also be customized. This chicken skewer customer wants a skewer of 8 pieces, the size of the pieces is L 1.5 inch x w 1 inch (4 pcs in 1 stick), and the thickness of the pieces is 25 inches.

Details of the barbecue skewer machine purchased by the customer

Yield: 1800-3500 pieces

stick length: 8 inches (20 cm)

Diameter of the stick: 3mm

No . 1 Mold  For the pork bbq

W – 1.50 inch,T- 0.50 inch ,L – 5 inches

No. 2 Mold For the chicken bbq

W – 1.50,T- 0.50 inch,L- 6 inches

No. 3 mold For the bungs

W – 1.25 ,T- 0.5 inch,L- 1 inch ( x 4 pcs)

Machine size:

80*47*43 inch(2000* 1200 *1100mm)

Voltage:110v 60hz single-phase

Weight: 160kg

Total 3 molds

The machine included 1 mold

Applicable raw materials for barbecue skewer machine

Sticks for meat skewers
Sticks For Meat Skewers

The multi-functional barbecue skewer machine can string cattle, sheep, chicken string, chicken treasure string, chicken heart string, squid string, fish tofu, kelp, and other forms. The skewer is uniform in size, clean and hygienic, without rubbing, and has a good taste. Users can add ingredients to any position of the skewer according to their preferences; the length of the skewer can be adjusted arbitrarily within the required range; it can be bumped and shaken at will, without falling blocks.

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