Taizy recently exported a batch of meat machines to Vietnam. The customer started to only send inquiries about the automatic frozen beef slicing machine. We communicated for a week and finally signed a contract. The machines sold include beef and mutton cutting and rolling machines, Chicken slicer, and jacketed pot.

frozen beef slicing machine
frozen beef slicing machine

Detailed introduction of Vietnamese customers

The customer who sent the inquiry is the owner of a meat processing food company. He mainly deals with processed products such as hamburgers, chicken, meat rolls, and hot pot base materials. In the process of machine selection, the owner directly follows up. There are also their company's document personnel and financial personnel to make documents and settle accounts after the transaction.

Purpose of purchasing an automatic frozen beef slicing machine

Chicken nugget machine shipped
Chicken cutting machine shipped

The customer purchased a total of three machines. The frozen beef and mutton roll cutter and the sandwich pot are all used to process hot pot products. We all know that beef and mutton rolls are very popular in hot pot, and their company's sales volume is relatively large, so they bought The largest type of frozen beef slicing machine, the jacketed pot is a pot with stirring and pouring functions. During the production of hot pot base material, some ingredients need to be continuously added to the butter, and during the cooking process, it needs to be stirred continuously until it is fully integrated. , The chicken dicing machine can put the whole chicken directly on the machine, and then it can be cut into pieces, and the working efficiency of the machine is very high. Saves a lot of manpower.

Vietnam customers purchase machine details

Machine namepicturemachine parameters
frozen beef slicing machinefrozen beef slicing machineModel: SL-600
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Power: 3kw
Weight: 260kg
Size: 1250*650*820mm

chicken nugget machine
chicken nugget machineModel: TZ-4
Voltage: 220v(380v)
Power: 1.5-3.5kw
Knife speed: 50-60 knives/minute
Output: 250-300kg
Slice thickness: 0.2-20mm
Weight: 300kg
Dimensions: 14506601300mm
Jacketed potJacketed potVoltage:400v 50hz,3 phase
Mixing Power:3kw
Machine power:60kw/72kw
Heating method: electric
Type: vertical with mixing bar
Material: stainless steel
machine parameters

Issues concerned when purchasing an automatic frozen beef slicing machine

beef rolls
beef rolls
  1. The output of the meat cutting and rolling machine
  2. Whether the thickness of the meat slices cut by the meat cutting and rolling machine can be adjusted
  3. The temperature requirements of the cutting and rolling machine for the meat

Our machines have different models, corresponding to different outputs, the smallest model can cut 50KG per hour, the largest model can handle 1200kg/h, the thickness of the meat cutting and rolling machine can be adjusted, and the CNC system is easy to adjust, the meat cutting and rolling machine The meat can be cut at a temperature of -1°_-8°. And can cut a wide variety of meat, as long as there are no bones that can be processed, such as pork, lamb, beef, and so on.