A frozen meat grinder is a machine that cuts the frozen meat directly to form a puree. In the meat processing enterprises in the production process, the raw meat is processed into granular meat with different specifications according to different process requirements. It does not need to be thawed during the processing process, which ensures the quality of the meat. However, the meat that can be processed by the frozen meat grinder also has certain requirements. The temperature of frozen meat should be around -5°C–18°C. The meat should not be too large, and it can be used in meat processing plants and food manufacturers. Produce sausages, meatballs, and other foods.

Frozen meat grinder
Frozen Meat Grinder

First of all, the temperature will rise slightly during the meat processing process. If fresh meat is used directly, the meat quality may be affected after the meat grinder is processed. In addition, the use of frozen meat grinders is relatively sharp, and the time required to grind meat is short, which is conducive to the preservation of meat.

Application of frozen meat grinding machine

Used in various sausage, ham, lunch meat, meatballs, salty flavor, pet food, and other meat products industry widely.All kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pig skin, cow skin, chicken skin, fish, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

Frozen meat grinder
Frozen Meat Grinder

Working principle of meat mincer

The principle of the meat grinder is to push the meat to the cutting knife through the screw push rod. In order to better deal with the harder meat and reduce the damage to the machine, the frozen meat cutter has a relatively fine setting. First, the meat is pre-cut, then fine-cut, and finally through the orifice plate. The machine passes the principle of extrusion, and the screw push rod continuously removes the very small meat from the machine.

Frozen meat mincer structure

 1. Frame 2. Reamer 3. Meat extrusion template 4. Screwcap 5. Grain cylinder 6. Wring cage 7. Hopper 8. Reducer 9. Big pulley 10. Motor 11. Triangular belt 12. Small pulley.

Work video display

Work video display

Technical parameters of commercial meat grinder


Frozen meat grinder model selection

If your meat and production are small, you can choose SL-100 or SL-120, if your meat and production are large, you should choose SL-160, SL-200, or SL-250.

Frozen meat grinder 5
Frozen Meat Grinder

Raw material handling before the grinder

The frozen meat grinder can process the frozen meat from a temperature of -5°C to -18°C. It can be slightly frozen with the raw materials during use, and it should be placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, not the refrigerating compartment. This is because, after a short period of freezing, the meat becomes more brittle, separates more softly, and does not stick. It is worth noting that it should be frozen into small pieces during freezing. If the frozen meat pieces are relatively large, they need to be absorbed by a crusher for crushing treatment.

Frozen meat grinder operation step:

Operate step
Operate step
  1. After connecting three-phase electricity, Press “start”.
  2. After the machine is used up / When a fault occurs, Press “stop”.
  3. When the material is blocked and the machine is unable to discharge, Press “reverse”

The advantages of frozen meat grinder

  • Its surface is mostly made of stainless steel, which conforms to sanitary standards, with no pollution to processing materials.
  • The tool has excellent wear resistance and long service life.
  • Easy to operate, disassemble, assemble, and clean, a wide range of processing products, and materials can be processed to maintain their original various nutrients and good fresh-keeping effect.
  • The tool can be adjusted or replaced according to the actual use requirements.
  • Frozen meat grinding is the necessary equipment for meat processing, it can grind the frozen meat directly to get different shapes of meat. It will not damage the meat fiber tissue.
  • The rotary plate is rotated by the screw to make the orifice plate and the meat grinder is relatively stable, ensuring the uniformity of the meat. Different types of meat filling can be achieved through different orifice plate combinations.
  • The short cutting time and low temperature in the cutting process are good for freshness and extending the shelf life.
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