In May 2022, we signed a contract with a Canadian customer, who customized two vacuum packaging machines, which can package meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other foods. The main purpose of the vacuum packaging machine is to seal and preserve, isolate the air and extend the shelf life. The following are the details of the Canadian vacuum packaging machine customer transaction.

Vacuum packaged food
Vacuum Packaged Food

Canadian vacuum packaging machine customer contacted us

This Canadian vacuum packaging machine customer contacted us through our website. The customer saw our case study on a vacuum packaging machine for dried mangoes, and the Canadian customer wanted to package meat and cheese. We told the customer that this machine is very suitable and most of the food can be processed by this packaging machine, our last customer used this packaging machine to process sausage and it was very successful.

Detail of vacuum packaging machines for Canadian customer

Voltage: AC380/50 (customized)
Motor Power: 2000W
Sealing Power: 800W
No.of Sealing Bars for Each Chamber: 2
Chamber Dimension: 550*520*150mm
Sealing Length: 500mm
Sealing Width: 10mm
Vacuum Pump Rate(m³/h): 20*2
Material for Vacuum Chamber: Stainless steel  201
Dimension: 1220*570*920mm
Net Weight(kg): 170
The center distance between two sealing bars(mm):440

Vacuum packaging machines
Vacuum Packaging Machines

Questions and answers in the process of communication with customers

Vacuum packaged food
Vacuum Packaged Food
  1. How deep is the packing area of the machine?
    The maximum height of the lid is about 10cm and the height of the box is about 5cm, so the total height is 15cm.
  2. Can I get the motor voltage of 230 Volts 60Hz?
    230V is possible, the voltage is customized.
  3. Do you have the vacuum packaging machine in stock?
    We do have this machine in stock at our factory, but it will take a week to configure if customers have custom requirements.
  4. Machine delivery time
    Generally from the receipt of payment, we will start to prepare the goods, the contract is signed in the middle of May, and we are the beginning of June to start delivery.
    In addition, from the signing of the contract to update the machine production progress, send machine loading video, and pictures, and send machine test video.
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