This fish deboning machine is also called a fish meat and bone separator. It is mainly used to separate fish bones and meat. The fishbone removal machine is also suitable for marine fish, freshwater fish, and other fish meat. It can completely separate fish meat, bones, skin, and fish tendons. The fish meat extractor has a high utilization rate of fish meat. The fish meat of separate can directly use to make fish balls, fish tofu, fish dumplings, and other products.

Applied raw materials

The fish deboning machine has a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for removing fish bones, but also for collecting crabs, all kinds of fish, and shrimp paste. The fish of collect meat can be directly used to make various meat products.

Fish debone machine final product
final product

The structure of the fishbone machine

The fishbone removal machine is composed of a motor, a scraper, a transmission device, a conveyor belt, an inlet and an outlet, a roller, and other devices.

  • Water intake                  The whole fish enters the deboning machine from the water inlet。
  • Minced meat outlet     The separated fish meat comes out from this minced meat outlet.
  • Fish bone outlet       After separating meat and bone, the fish bone comes out from another outlet, it calls the fish bone outlet
  • Roller The drum of the fish debone machine is an important device for separating fish bones and fish meat. There are evenly distributed and uniform sieve holes on the drum. After the continuous rolling of the drum, the fish meat enters the small holes of the drum. Then it comes out from the minced meat outlet. The fish bones are separated with the meat and come out from the drum under the roller.
  • Transmission The transmission device of the fish deboning machine mainly controls the operation of the entire machine .
Fish meat and bone seperator machine structure
Fish Meat And Bone Separator Machine Structure

Fish meat picking machine video

Fish meat picking machine video

Fish meat bone separator machine working principle

The fish meat bone separator machine equips with a meat picking barrel and a rubber belt for meat pressing. It mainly uses the mutual squeezing motion between the rolling meat-picking barrel and the transmission rubber belt to squeeze the fish into the meat-picking drum. While squeezing the fish meat into the drum, it leaves the skin and bones outside the meat-picking bucket. The scraper on the fish meat and bone separator machine conveys the fish bones along with the movement of the drum. The sieve of the drum of the fish debone machine is very small, it can completely separate the fish meat and fish bones. This will greatly increase the use-value of fish meat.

How to use fish bone remover machine to collect fish meat

Fish bone remover machine
Fishbone Remover Machine

First, you should manually remove the fish head, internal organs. If the processed fish size is too large, first cut the fish in half and wash the fish. Then put the fish into the hopper for picking fish meat. When placing fish, place the picked meat side up. After placing fish in the hopper, the fish will enter the drum and separate from the fish bones under the action of the conveyor.

Fish debone machine Parameter

ModelSLFS-200(stainless steel )SLFS-300(stainless steel )
Motor :2.2kw3kw
Fresh fish500kg/h1-1.2t/h
Outlet hole size>2mm>3.5mm
Fish meet250kg500-600kg/h
Raw material of machineSs 304Ss 304
Fish debone machine Parameter

Precautions when using fish debone machine

1. Check whether the pressure of the pressure regulator is proper before starting the machine. If the pressure is proper, run the machine idling for half a minute. Then you can put the cut fish into the machine for deboning.

2. When running the fishbone remover machine, it is strictly forbidden to extend your hands and other sundries into the feed inlet.

4. After picking meat, you should turn off the power in time and the cleanup fish on the drum.

5.Before disassembling the meat harvesting barrel, the pressure should be adjusted to the lowest point. When disassembling, loosen the spring and scraper. Then use an iron rod to insert it into the two holes on the meat picking pipe, and then force the plate to turn counterclockwise and pull it outward.

6.Before starting, lubricate each sliding part. If you do not use the machine for a long time, please leave it idle for 1 minute every half a month to prevent the machine parts from rusting.

The fish meat picker is a helper for removing bones

What we worry about the most about this machine is how effective is the removal of the fishbone? Will the fish meat that is taken still retain the bones? We also know that there are many thorns in fish meat and they are irregular, so it is difficult to separate them manually. We can only use machines to complete this task. For the effect of the machine, we can see from the structure of the machine. Don’t worry, it depends on the internal structure of the machine. The small holes of its drum are very small, which can separate the fish meat, fish bones, and fish skin efficiently and quickly.

After picking meat with the fish deboning machine,if you want to use it for making other products, you need to use the related meat processing machine. If you want to use fish to make fish balls, you need to use a beater and a meatball forming machine. Of course, the fish of collect meat can also be directly used for processing minced meat, fish tofu, and other fish products.