A poultry bone grinder is a machine that can grind meat with bones. We can directly put some chicken, fish, poultry, etc. into the poultry bone grinder for processing, so as to give dogs or other supplements. For nutritious food production, this meat grinder is very powerful, not suitable for families with only one pet dog, but more suitable for meat processing plants, pet food processing plants, pet breeding institutions, etc.

Why choose a poultry meat grinder

There are many meat grinders on the market, but most of them can only process softer pure meat, so you can’t do anything about meat with bones, but some pets need to absorb some fat and protein in the bones, for convenience For consumption and preservation, bone grinders are used. The blade of this machine is hard enough, otherwise, it will not only be unable to grind the bones but will damage the tool.

Bone Grinder parameters

Model: TZ-130


Voltage:220v 50hz




Crushing fineness:5-15mm

Video show

How does the bone grinder work

Meat Grinder principle

The work of the poultry bone shredder mainly relies on the rotating screw to push the raw materials in the hopper box to the pre-cut orifice plate, and the shearing effect formed by the rotating cutting blade and the perforation edge of the orifice plate is used to shred the raw materials, and the Under the action of squeezing force, the raw materials are continuously discharged out of the machine. This machine can be equipped with corresponding cutters and orifice plates according to different material properties and processing requirements to process particles of different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process.

Machines involved in deep processing

Processed meatballs

You need to use a meat grinder to grind the meat into a puree, and then season it. Then you can use a meatball-forming machine to make meatballs. The newly formed meatballs need to be blanched, otherwise, the shape of the meatballs will be deformed. Next is the blanching machine for blanching, and then the meatballs produced can be directly fried or quick-frozen and then vacuum packed.

Fish processing

After being removed by the fish scale remover, it can be directly put into this meat grinder for grinding. This meat grinder can fully grind the fish meat and fish bones to get fish mud, which is used to make fish meat products.

Bone Crushing Machine advantage

High working efficiency, up to 500 kg per hour

The machine has a beautiful appearance and a small footprint

Easy to operate, you can learn to operate it just by watching the video

Strong mobility, the machine comes with casters

After-sales maintenance and cleaning of meat grinder for grinding bones

Bone grinder
Bone Grinder

1. Clean before use

2. For the electric type, please check the power supply voltage, the machine direction sign should meet the specified requirements, and there should be a firm grounding wire

3. If the meat is not smooth or mushy, there may be the following reasons

(1) The front lock nut is too loose and should be readjusted

(2) The meat plate is blocked and should be cleaned up

(3) Bone grinder is too blunt and should be sharpened or replaced

4. It is strictly forbidden to feed directly into the meat grinder cavity by hand to ensure the safety

Related machine introduction of Meat Grinder for Grinding Bones

Our company also has frozen meat grinders and diced meat cutters, which can be selected according to the finished products and raw materials that we want to achieve. We look forward to providing customers with the best quality service

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