Chicken Feather Removal Machine can automatically remove hair from poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and other poultry, some slaughterhouses and chicken suppliers handle chicken? It is very unrealistic to use manual operations. The feather plucking machine can quickly remove the feathers. So how does it work?

The scope of application of chicken feathers

Chicken hair removal machine is mainly used to remove bird feathers, such as chickens, ducks, geese, and pigeons. Both larger chickens and small pigeons can remove feathers. The machine has high efficiency and fast working speed. Suitable for some family farms and meat processing plants.

Chicken feather removal machine characteristics

The characteristics of this feather-removing chicken are very obvious. The machine is relatively small as a whole, and it is more suitable for the needs of removing hundreds of chickens every day, and the machine needs to be manually assisted to pull the feathers. The machine is relatively exquisite, compact, and can be moved flexibly, and it can also be cleaned. More convenient.

If you want to do continuous work, you need another machine, which is more powerful and can handle thousands of chickens a day. Of course, if it is a general production and processing, this small feather plucking machine can fully handle it.

Blanching machine

The chicken needs to be blanched before putting it into the feather plucking machine. This is more conducive to the machine’s hair removal. You can use 70℃ water for blanching during blanching. The blanching temperature should not be too high. The skin of the chicken is damaged in the process of plucking. If the blanching water temperature is too low, the chicken will not be so clean during plucking.

The working principle of the chicken hair removal machine

There are many rubber rods in the barrel of the chicken feather plucking machine. The machine drives the barrel and the rubber bar to continuously rotate, thereby rubbing with the chicken. After the chicken is blanched, the feathers are easily pulled off. After high-speed rotation And the friction with the rubber rod can clean the chicken feathers.

Specific parameters of poultry plucker

Chicken feather removal machine
Poultry Feather Removing Machine
size700*620*850800*720*900 /
weight8095 /
Yield1-2 pcs/time2-3pcs/time101-2 pcs/time
Specific parameters of Poultry plucker

Usage of poultry poultry feather removing machine:

1. Check all parts after unpacking. If the screws are loose during transportation, re-reinforce it. Turn the chassis by hand to see if it is flexible. Otherwise, adjust the rotating belt.

2. After the location of the machine is determined, install a knife switch or pull-wire switch on the side of the machine.

3. When slaughtering chickens and ducks, the knife should be as small as possible. After slaughter, the chickens and ducks should be soaked in warm water (about 30 degrees) to warm their feathers. It is best to put some salt in warm water to avoid irritation. The epidermis is damaged when it is hairy.

4. Scald the soaked chicken and duck in hot water at about 75 degrees, and stir it with a wooden stick to make the whole body evenly hot.

5. Put the scalded chickens and ducks into the machine, you can put 1-5 at a time

6. Turn on the knife switch, start the machine, and while running, add water to the poultry, preferably hot water. The feathers and dirt will be discharged together with the water. The water can be recycled, and the feathers will be wiped out in one minute. Removes all skin dirt from the whole body.

Video of chicken feather removal machine

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