Commercial meat cube dicing machine

Frozen meat dicing machine

A multifunctional commercial meat dicing machine is widely used for dicing, shredding, and slicing frozen and fresh meat. This meat cutting machine is suitable for cutting a variety of meats, such as diced pork, diced beef, diced lamb, etc. This meat cube cutting equipment solves the shortcomings of low manual efficiency, uneven dicing size, and easy injury. The meat dicer machine is widely used in large, medium, and small meat food processing plants. It is the best equipment for food processing and cutting meat.

Parameters of commercial meat dicer

Output (kg/h)300-400500-600
Maximum charging length (mm)350550
Cutting groove size (mm)84×84×350120×120×550
Total power (kw)2.253.3
Power supply (v/hz)380/50380/50
Dimensions (mm)1500×760×9701920×1000×1040
Weight (kg)400600
Parameters of commercial meat dicer machine
Frozen meat dicing machine
Frozen meat dicing machine

How to choose two models of machine

There are two models of this diced meat machine. What is the difference between the two models. First, the size of the inlet of the machine is different. For the 350 machine, the length of the inlet is 350mm, height and width. It is 84mm, and the length of the 550 machine is 550mm, the height and width are 120mm, so the 550 machine can put in larger raw materials, and the output per hour will be greater. If the output requirement is about 400kg per hour, then the 350 machine is completely possible. If you want a larger output per hour, you need a larger model machine. So you can choose according to the demand output.

Frozen meat dicing machine application

The frozen meat dicer machine is suitable for cutting meat from -8℃——0℃ to room temperature.Can cut beef, mutton, pork and other meats without bones.In addition,frozen cheese, and some rhizomes can also be cut.The cut out shape is a square block, the size of the square block can be customized, the size can be between 5-28mm.

meat dicer machine dicing effect
meat dicer machine dicing effect

Work video display of meat cube cutting machine

meat cutting machine

Meat dicing machine working principle

The meat dicing machine consists of a blade, a set of circular knife shafts, and a set of cross cutter shafts. The dial drives the meat to be cut to rotate at a high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the vertical blade cuts the meat into slices. Then the round knife blade cuts the meat into strips. Finally, it is cut into the required cube or cuboid shape by the cross-cutting blade. The precision of the dicing machine is very high, and the gap between the blades is less than 0.1mm. The dicing size range of the machine is 4-30mm. Therefore, different sizes of diced meat can be obtained by changing blades of different sizes.

frozen meat dicing machine structure
frozen meat dicing machine structure

The main structure of meat dicing machine

Dicer is mainly composed of frame, reducer, motor, knife holder, eccentric shaft assembly, main cutter assembly, hydraulic system, etc.

Features of meat cube cutting machine

Frozen meat dicing machine
Frozen meat dicing machine
  • The machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, with a stable structure and simple operation.
  • The meat dicer machine has good safety performance, once the front door is opened, immediately stop working to reduce unnecessary injuries.
  • Using an automated touch screen operating system, the cutting thickness can be controlled by adjusting the cutting thickness button, and the pressure button can be adjusted to ensure that the machine remains consistent during the cutting process.
  • The meat pusher is designed to reduce the squeezing of the meat during the cutting process.
  • The blade of the frozen meat dicing machine is easy to disassemble and install, and it is convenient to clean.
  • The meat cube cutting machine can control the size of diced meat by changing the number of blades and can control the size of diced meat by changing different size molds

How to maintain the machine

  1. Before daily use, check whether the front door, side pressure mechanism and the two induction switches are working properly, and whether the screws of the operating elements are loose, check whether the knife gate and the main cutter are flexible, and check whether the gap between the two is appropriate , And whether there are foreign objects in the meat trough.
  2. The operator should have a basic grasp of the machine structure, operating principle and electrical command knowledge, so as to facilitate the timely removal of abnormalities.
  3. The power supply should be cut off when repairing, and the electrical part should be repaired by a professional electrician
  4. The power supply should be cut off when cleaning,Do not flush the inside of the machine directly with water.


1.What is the temperature range of the raw material

Frozen meat is okay from -3 to -5 degrees, preferably slightly frozen meat

2.Can you cut other things?

You can cut roots and stems, frozen meat, fresh meat, etc.

3.Will it rust? What should I do if it gets rusty? I often cut vegetables and fruits

It will not rust when used every day. If you don’t use it for a long time, apply peanut oil or other cooking oil.

4.Is it easy to operate The machine has only four buttons, switch back and forward. very simple

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