A chicken-cutting machine is a machine that uses a machine to cut chicken. This machine can cut chicken bones together. It is popular because of its high efficiency and convenient use. The chicken-cutting machine is commonly used in slaughterhouses and butcher shops.

Chicken-cutting machine
chicken-cutting machine

Why did Indonesian customers buy our chicken-cutting machine three times

The Indonesian client is the owner of a fried chicken shop. His fried chicken shop is very popular locally. A lot of chicken nuggets need to be cut every day. Generally, they need to cut the chicken pieces one night in advance, and then they need to refrigerate the cut chicken pieces. However, the taste of the refrigerated chicken pieces is not as good as that of the chicken pieces cut on the same day, so Indonesian customers are looking for machines instead of manual cutting.

Which machines have Indonesian customers bought?

Since most of the process of opening a fried chicken shop is done manually, there are many employees in the customer’s point, but it is still very busy. The customer bought a chicken dicing machine for the first time, and after using it, he felt that it was very helpful to the store. In the second year, the customer opened a new fried chicken shop, so he purchased a tumbler and a chicken dicing machine. A tumbler is a machine used to develop meat, that is, put the seasoning and meat into the machine, and the machine can automatically stir and marinate. And it can lock in the moisture of the chicken.

Meat cutting
Meat Cutting

In September of this year, the customer contacted us again and wanted to buy a chicken-cutting machine for a friend. With the foundation of communication and trust from the first two times, we quickly signed a contract.

Transportation of chicken nuggets-making machine

There are many customers who are in a hurry, so they have been asking about the shipping time. Generally, our lead time is one week, and then the shipping time is generally 40-55 days. When we send the machine, we will take pictures for the customer to confirm the number and type of goods.

Chicken nuggets making machine
Chicken Nuggets-Making Machine

Parameters of the chicken-cutting machine

Chicken cutting machine
Chicken Cutting Machine

Voltage:380v 50hz,3phase

Capacity: 600-800kg/h  


Dimension: 1250*650*820 mm

Weight: 260 kg

Cutting size:2*2cm+3*3cm knife

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