The electric steam-jacketed kettle has moved to a restaurant in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Commercial steam cooking pots are often used in the catering industry, especially in some restaurants. There is a great demand for this machine. This machine has the functions of heating, steaming, and boiling. And the electric steam-jacketed kettle has an interlayer for heat preservation. A customer from Bosnia and Herzegovina purchased a steam-jacketed kettle with a capacity of 200L.

Bosnia and Herzegovina customers buy an electric steam jacketed kettle

A customer in Bosnia and Herzegovina runs a restaurant and bought this commercial steam-jacketed kettle for cooking onions, chicken, mushrooms, and cream, as well as making chili sauce. This electric heater is perfect. After introducing the functions of the machine to the customer, the customer compared several machines and finally decided to place an order with shuliy’s company. The nearest port to the customer is Rijeka, Croatia

Parameters of electric steam jacketed kettle

Mixing power:0.75w
With agitators
Heating method: electric
Heating power:18kw
Material:304 stainless steel
Temperature:0-230 degree
After packing size:145011501350mm

Which countries are electric jacketed kettles exported to?

In addition to exporting to Bosnia and Herzegovina, electric steam-jacketed kettles are also exported to the United States, Thailand, Canada, and Congo. Customers have different purposes, this heating pot is versatile. This electric steam-jacketed kettle is also used in production processes such as distillation, dissolution, synthesis, and drying. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving.

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