Frozen beef slicing machine

Automatic frozen beef slicing machine shipped to Vietnam

Taizy recently exported a batch of meat machines to Vietnam. The customer started to only send inquiries about the automatic frozen beef slicing machine. We communicated for a week and....

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Fish slicer

Fish slicer sold to Thailand

A fish slicer machine is an equipment for cutting fish fillets. The fish fillets processed by the fish fillet machine have a uniform thickness and are not easy to be....

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Electric jacketed kettle cooker

Electric jacketed kettle cooker sold to the USA

An electric jacketed kettle cooker is a large pot that cooks food. We signed a contract with a US customer last week. The customer ordered two jacketed pots of different models.

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Fish filleter machine

Fish filleting machine sold to Australia

Fish filleting machine is a very convenient and quick device. Putting the fish on the machine can process the fish into uniform and beautiful thin slices. An Australian customer ordered....

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Chicken cutter machine

Chicken cutter machine delivered to Indonesia

Chicken and duck have commonly used ingredients for cooking. Daily cooking uses more chicken nuggets and duck nuggets. So what is the machine for cutting the chicken into chicken nuggets....

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Egg cleaning effect

Egg washing machine sold to Malaysia

We sold the egg cleaning equipment to Malaysia on December 17, 2021. After the customer received the machine, he said that the machine was running well in his factory. Long-term....

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Fish fillet machine

Fish fillet machine sold to Japan

Japan’s fish culture can be said to have a long history. It can be traced back more than 10,000 years ago. Japan is among the top countries in the world.....

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Meat skewer machine malaysia

Meat skewer machine exported to Malaysia

elicious, but the process of skewers is more troublesome. We have a machine, It can carry out an automatic meat skewer, which saves time and improves efficiency. It runs very....

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Chicken feather remover machine

Chicken feather remover machine in Malaysia

delivered to Malaysia. Chicken is an indispensable meat food on the Malaysian table. Chicken is used to make a lot of delicacies. In the process of making chicken, it is....

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