A bone crusher machine is one of the important pieces of equipment for processing large bones of livestock. It has the characteristics of large output, uniform crushing particle size, less slag, and relatively small energy consumption. Mainly suitable for bone meal, pet food, and other industries. It is crushing equipment for large bones of cattle, pigs, and other livestock.

Bone crush
Bone crush

The scope of use of the bone crusher machine

Can break dry, fresh, and freeze all kinds of beef bones, pork bones, lamb bones, chicken bones, duck bones, goose bones, rabbit bones; whole fish, whole chicken, cowhide, pig skin, frozen chicken, frozen pork, frozen beef, etc.; it can also crush traditional Chinese medicine, five-spice aniseed, and other products. This machine is widely used in the production of various foods, flavors, fragrances, soups, hot pot bases, instant noodle seasonings, feed, and pet food; it can also be used in the production of biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicines, five-spice seasonings, and other products. The output can reach 200-10000kg per hour.

Advantages of bone grinder machine

The equipment is made of all stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, has good impact resistance, long use time, simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, low noise, and no heat. The operation method of the bone crusher machine is also very simple. It is equipped with a motor overload protection device, and an electrical switch is equipped with a leakage protection device, which is convenient to move. The bone crusher machine is labor-saving and simple to operate, which eliminates the shortcomings of traditional belt drives such as high noise and poor stability. The mold can be adjusted and replaced at will according to the actual use requirements, and the minimum thickness can reach 2-1.5 mm.