The sausage production line is used to make smoked sausage. The production steps are ground meat, cut meat, meat stuffing, casing filling, smoked sausage, and finally packaging.

In the process of modern commercial production of sausage, sausage maker machine includes meat grinder, meat cutter, vacuum mixing machine, sausage filling machine, smoking oven, sausage packaging machine, etc. All of these machines are made of 304 stainless steel, and the output can meet the needs of different customers.


Sausage production line’s machine list

No.Machine List
1Frozen Meat Grinder
2Vacuum Stuffing Machine
3Hydraulic Enema Machine
4Sausage binding Wire Machine
5Meat Smoking Oven
6 Sausage packaging Machine

Sausage Production Line Details

Choose meat

Raw meat is generally based on pork, beef and chicken.Meat should be fresh and high quality.

Fresh meat
Fresh Meat

Grind the meat directly

The second step in sausage production is grinding ingredients by frozen meat grinder.

This machine will not damage the meat fiber tissue. It’s different types of meat filling can be achieved through different  orifice plates combinations. Its suitable for both frozen and fresh meat.


Make the meat stuffing

Mix the chopped meat with other ingrendients in the recipe.

Vacuum stuffing machine is a necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency and easy to operate. It is the first choice for making air-dried intestinal products, granular and muddy mixed intestinal products and pellet products, as well as the optional equipment for producing dumplings and wontons.

Vacuum stuffing machine
Vacuum Stuffing Machine

Fill the sausage

Pour the meat mixture into the casings.

This machine is flexible and convenient, it can fill large, medium and small sausage products of various specifications,and it is easy to operate.

The upper part of the machine is equipped with a storage hopper and a butterfly valve, which can realize continuous filling without lifting the cover and improve the working material rate,It’s the indispensable equipment in the sausage production line.


Bind wire the sausage

After the sausages is filled,it should be tied or kinded in time.Prevents the meat leaking out of the casing and other outside bacteria,acting as a barrier between meat and air.

This machine can improve the efficiency of sausage production, and the length and diameter can be modified.

The machine has man-machine interface control system, high efficiency, easy to operate, save production of raw materials



Tradionally,smoking was important because it inhibited bacteria growth on the finished product.

This equipment has four functions of cooking, drying, smoking and coloring. It can be set according to different functions of processed sausage.And the finished product does not contain 3,4 – benzopyrene carcinogens, smoked food is safe and reliable



As for packaging, we suggest vacuum packaging, because the sealing temperature of vacuum packaging is high enough, most of the harmful microorganisms need water and oxygen to reproduce, and vacuum packaging can isolate water and oxygen, making it impossible for microorganisms in food to multiply, and extending the shelf life of food.

Vacuum packing machine
Vacuum Packing Machine

Common problems in sausage production

Casing rupture1.Casings themselves have varying degrees of deterioration.
2.Meat with a higher moisture content will also burst the casing as the meat expands during rapid heating.
3.Casings vary in thickness.
4.The sauasge filled vary in tightness.
The skin is torn on the outsideThe smoke is hot, hot, or too close to the fire with the lower end of the intestine.
The darker colorThe quality that fume when temperature is insufficient or fume is poorer, and the enema that fume after absorbing moisture can make casing burnish is poor.
Different color depthWhen the temperature is high,the color is light;Low temperature, the color is dark.

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